Tulane Deguara

Certificate III Hairdressing Trainer

Demi International Gold Coast

Tulane Deguara is a veteran hairdresser with over 35 years of experience, having managed salons and apprentices, and participated in creative ventures such as fashion shows and expos. Known for her attention to detail and commitment to fun, Tulane leverages her vast industry knowledge to guide budding hairdressers, making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Get to know Tulane

So, besides Demi, where else are you working? And how long have you been there?

Hairdressing for a few years at my home salon.

When did your hairdressing career begin? What was your first role? What other roles have you had?

My career began in high school, when I worked as a tea & tidy in a few salons more than 35 years ago. Since then, I have managed salons and apprentices, and I have had the opportunity to diversify into some fun and creative angles, such as fashion shows, expos, and other events.

What did you study to launch your career? Where did you study?

I did my apprenticeship up north near the Whitsundays.

What are your particular areas of expertise?

My attention to detail, high standards, and love of fun have helped me build strong relationships with my clients and colleagues. I have a lot of experience planning wedding parties, and I am always looking for new ways to make them special.

How do you think the industry will change in the next 10 years?

I think possibly salons & hairdressers may start to specialise more as it seems to be the case in the beauty & fashion industry.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in a career in your industry?

Go into your career with a positive attitude and be committed to it. What you get out of it is what you put in. Have fun and watch your confidence grow!

What do you love about teaching hair?

I love spending quality time with students who are starting their careers and trying to learn new things. I enjoy making things as simple as possible to understand so they don’t get overwhelmed and can learn from my experiences. It’s fantastic to watch students come out of their shells, and seeing their confidence boom seems to go hand in hand with this industry. I have a lot of patience and energy to help you kick-start your career.

Why do you believe students are better placed studying hairdressing at Demi vs the competition?

Demi is deeply committed to this industry. They have strong foundations and a drive to grow. This is not just a business move tacked onto the side of a company that does not really have an interest in the actual industry. There is a genuine love and commitment to the industry and the students, which is great to be a part of.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I have had so many great opportunities over the years, from building amazing friendships and traveling the world with clients, to having such fun being behind the scenes at hair competitions, fashion shows, and hair and beauty shows.

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