Find Out How to Pursue a Career in Makeup

The makeup industry is a global juggernaut with plenty of opportunities everywhere. Whether at a local level or on the world stage, as a makeup school, we feel it’s imperative to give our students valuable training for the most desirable job outcomes. Understanding how to pursue a career in makeup is an essential step in your becoming a MuA. To push you in the right direction, here is a guide for working in the makeup industry.

Find the Right Training Course

Start by really thinking about your career goal as a MuA and then determine which kind of training and education will get you closer to that goal. We currently have two courses available at Demi International.

One is a Dual qualification Beauty with a Makeup Specialty, and the other is a Diploma Qualification in Screen and Media. Here are some common traits and qualities we discovered after over 12 years of training makeup and beauty with various students.  

Are you:

  • Creative?
  • In love with the limelight?
  • Active on social media, with lots of photos of your daily looks?
  • A statement maker with your makeup looks?
  • Do people think you’re unique?
  • You have a passion for the different, the misunderstood and the horrible.
  • You care a lot about others.
  • You paint, draw or express yourself through art. 
  • You think the way you wear your hair is just as important as the way you wear your makeup.
  • Like working autonomously with direction and being your own boss.

Check out the Diploma of Screen and Media CUA51015. This course will take care of all your creativity needs. You will learn how to style hair and wigs, create specialised looks, including special effects. You also dive into film, lighting, and design (all the technical necessities for a career in film or high fashion and photography).

Are you:

  • Interested in enhancing inner beauty?
  • Obsessed with using either a natural or glamorous look for the right occasion?
  • A fan of lash extensions and spray tans?
  • A qualified hairdresser?
  • Someone who loves, brides and weddings?

Consider the Dual qualification Certificate III Beauty Services (Makeup Specialty) SHB30115/SHB30215. This course will give you the foundations of applying and designing makeup looks for occasions, alongside additional skills for your cosmetic toolkit like airbrushing, lash extensions, tanning.

Accredited Training vs Workshops

Training with a Recognised Training Provider is a gateway to many different careers in Makeup and Beauty. As you complete your training, you will start building your network of models, photographers, industry experts, and colleagues. It’s not always just about what you know or who you know, but who knows what you know. Seek out industry professionals who you know can help you pursue a kick-arse career in makeup. Connect with individuals that lead you to some fantastic opportunities. 

Accredited training will give you the skills you need to operate a freelance business, as well as essential WHS knowledge. At Demi International, we offer workshops and training for using the many different tools, products, and equipment you’ll come across in the world of makeup.

As a career MuA, you will become a life-long learner. Trends and fashion change rapidly, which means upskilling your knowledge will be a constant. Formal training gives you the foundation of knowledge you need to start your career. While a workshop typically focuses on one technique or one specific look at a time. Formal training offers a whole toolbox of different methods, opening a whole swath of job opportunities.

Now you know how to start a career in beauty and makeup, which option will you choose. If you need to talk to someone a bit more about career pathways, give us a call.

Ali Porter
Ali Porter
Ali has her own salon B.lush Studios in CBD Toowoomba with lashes and makeup being her top services. As an experienced beauty therapist, she also has a keen interest in anti-aging techniques and has worked with many skin care companies over her years in salons.

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