How to Start a Beauty Business

Starting your own beauty salon requires a comprehensive understanding of the necessary skills for a sustainable and thriving business.

With home businesses exploding in popularity and brick-and-mortar spas and salons growing in numbers, now more than ever is the time to get started in this multi-billion dollar a year industry. Read on as we bring you the tips you need on how to set up a beauty salon business and where you can find the best education and salon management training.


Starting a beauty business from home


  • Papers, please. Before you even begin diving into beauty salon manager roles and responsibilities, you’ll need to check with your local council on whether or not you need a permit to operate a beauty business from home. 


  • Location, location, location. Where you live and how accessible it is to your customers is essential to any successful business. First, check your local council guidelines for home businesses. This can include street parking rules and the number of clients you can have in your home at any one time. Accessibility inside should also be considered.
  • Although expenses and overhead costs will be considerably less than a typical brick-and-mortar store, be aware that the utility usage for electricity and water will increase.
  • What’s your business plan? Several questions need to be answered to operate a successful home beauty business. These may include: who are your target customers? How many customers do you need to break even and make a profit? There are also personal questions that need to be answered, including how many hours you want to work? And what will my operating hours be?


  • Home businesses are often sole traders, meaning they generally have minimal to no staff. This puts all the responsibilities of a business owner and the beauty salon manager on one individual – the business owner, you.


How to set up a beauty salon business

  • An important decision to make early on is whether you will start from scratch or operate an existing business or franchise? Franchising an already established business or brand can be a great first-time option, although it comes with autonomy restrictions.
  • Before you begin setting up a beauty salon business, you first need to enact market research as part of your business plan. This phase typically involves a critical business process called SWOT analysis of target demographics and competitor analysis, alongside identifying strengths and weaknesses. If you’re unsure where to start, check out the government website Smart Business for helpful resources.
  • Getting customers in the door is easier said than done without a proper marketing strategy. Knowing your own strengths will help you decide if you need to hire staff or if you need to manage to build your business before making additions to your team. 


All of this is easier said than done if you’ve never operated your own business before. If it is your first time, you may want to consider upskilling with a training course in salon management. Demi International offers flexible pathways to industry-recognised beauty, makeup and spa qualifications to make you job and business-ready when you graduate.


Upskill with Salon Management Training


Operating a successful business is made easier with the right skillset. This is why at Demi International, we include business training with all our Certificate and Diploma qualifications. Learn how to master essential skills in leadership, marketing, recruiting, human resources, and business compliance with a Diploma of Salon Management SHB50216. Discover the fundamental knowledge and training you need to manage and run a beauty business.


The beautiful thing about our Diploma of Salon Management SHB50216 course is its flexible delivery method, allowing every student to build their business as they learn. Get started in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry with a Diploma of Salon Management from Demi International. Call us today and find out how a career in beauty could work for you.


Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith

Sandra owns her own successful nail salon in Grange, Brisbane. Her highly commended career involves winning the overall Champion for INJA competition in 2017, the Overall Champion Emendee trophy in 2019, a 1st place win in the NZ nail competition and two 1st place wins in Antalya (Turkey) World Cup Nail Championship in 2021.
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