Where to Get Started in the Piercing Industry

Body piercing has grown in popularity over the last couple of decades. 

What once was something that a Jim Rose performer used for shock value and living on the edge, has become a popular culture and fashion statement for people of all ages looking to express themselves or make a beauty statement with one or more piercings and body art.

It is still growing in trends and popularity, making its way into mainstream culture, as body art and tattooing also increase.

For some, having a piercing is only the start. It begins a passion for piercing the body, which is a real art form and they decide to become a Body Piercer.

How do you become a body piercer? Read on, below we give you some guidelines.  

1.Get the right training

Experience is the best teacher. You are bound to benefit while under the supervision of a piercing expert, you will need to ensure you have a few things in place, particularly if you want to be a piercer in Qld. 

Qld Health requires that you have a qualification in Infection Control. Specifically HLTINF005 Infection prevention for skin penetration. Everyone who owns a piercing business also has to have a Personal Service’s License, as piercing is considered a high-risk service. 

It makes sense to get yourself the right infection control training so you are well prepared to start learning the trade on the job. Our infection control course takes 3 months on average to complete. you will learn the basics of client care in a high-risk environment,, equipment sterilisation,  cross-contamination prevention, dealing with blood and body fluids. 

2. Search for on the job training  opportunities

This next step is to find some hands-on training., You’ll want to find a piercing studio that is willing to train you on the job. Look for a studio with a good reputation and experienced staff. Learning and piercing under supervision is the best way to learn the trade.  Take time to research different opportunities, visit the piercing studios, and talk to a few senior piercers and get a good look at their work. As a trainee, a structured environment is key when learning the practical bit. 

3. Work on being social 

You will be meeting people from different walks of life, some scared of the unexpected pain, others a bit unsure of what kind of piercing they want, or generally skeptical, and others that want to take piercing to the next level! Your work is to make your clients feel at ease and offer as much knowledge relating to their concerns. They will feel educated and safe

Whether it comes naturally or not, customer service skills and emotional intelligence is an important skill to develop. You can get better in this area with intentional effort and time. After all, your work reputation depends on it. 

Start Your Career in Piercing

Get prepared and set yourself upright. To start piercing you need to be qualified in infection control and prevention. Demi International offers the nationally accredited training in HLTINF005 Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration. It can all be completed online. Gain the skills and knowledge to provide safe piercing from trainers with over 30 years of experience in the industry! Call us today for more info!

Demi International

Demi International

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