Your Pathway to Further Learning

Demi International Beauty Academy offers graduates of our Diploma programs educational pathways into higher education/university degree courses. Below is a list of pathways that currently exist. Graduates are also recommended to view current credit arrangements on the specific university’s website.

Credit Linkages and Pathway benefits for Students:

  • Allow a person to better plan their study and career path in advance;
  • Enable non-traditional entry to Higher Education by elevating a person’s university selection based on their prior learning;
  • Provide greater support for people transitioning between different academic levels, cultures, and technologies;
  • Build academic skills and confidence or progressively over time and facilitate life-long learning;
  • Reduce the overall cost and duration of a degree;
  • Allow students to use their prior vocational knowledge and skills to work their way through their degree and
  • Reward a person with multiple qualifications in the shortest possible time, which is advantageous for employment, promotion, and increasing remuneration.