Diploma of Remedial Massage

Start an exciting & rewarding career as a remedial massage therapist. Use your skills and knowledge to assist people to experience effortless, pain-free movement with greater muscle and joint function. Be job ready for this in-demand industry with our excellent, well-rounded course. Including extra skills training in Pregnancy, Reflexology, Myofascial Cupping, and Dry Needling. Designed through extensive consultation with Employers, Industry Experts, and the Massage Associations.

For those serious about excelling in a career as a remedial massage therapist. This top-level qualification gives you all the necessary skills to join this fast-growing industry.

Demi International has qualification recognition with Australia’s best Massage Associations. DI Massage Academy has six training locations MaroochydoreToowoomba, ChermsideCairns, Southport, and Ipswich. Our Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT52015 graduates get access to all of the top Massage Associations to apply for membership and offer health rebates to their clients with Private Health Cover. In addition to this, we have worked closely with Employers, Industry Experts, and Massage Associations to include the most employable skills and knowledge that are in demand, current, and will set you up to succeed from day one.

A Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT52015 with Demi International provides pathways to higher education in degrees such as Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Health Science (Speciality – Musculoskeletal Therapy) Exercise Science, Myotherapy Therapy, Exercise Physiology, and Occupational Therapy

Our Diploma gives you more specialised skills

In addition to the core units for a Diploma of Remedial Massage, at DI Remedial Massage Academy we include all of these specialties at no additional cost!

Treat Chronic Disease

Master the skills and knowledge required to determine and address specific issues faced by people who have a chronic disease, in the context of contributing to a holistic approach to support.

Advanced Taping Techniques

Have a specialty within the Australian sports industry to prevent sport-specific injuries and manage injuries, chronic dysfunction, and medical conditions. This includes applying taping for ongoing injury prevention and post-injury support.

Remedial Massage for Athletes

Use your expertise to determine the remedial massage needs of athletes. Develop preventative and injury related treatment strategies for athletes and other sport active people.

Myofascial/Remedial Cupping

Treat Pain, improve flexibility and increase Qi flow and the removal of metabolic waste in the body with the evidence-based technique of myofascial/remedial cupping.

Dry Needling

Delivered at the end of your graduating term you will learn about the neurophysiology of myofascial pain and trigger points and the scientific evidence behind the technique of dry needling to improve flexibility, increase range of motion and provide relief for muscular pain and stiffness.

Pregnancy and Infant Massage

Assist pregnant clients in all trimesters to reduce back and joint pain, improve circulation and reduce stress, anxiety. This nurturing treatment gives wonderful ongoing support for delivering “mothers to be”.

Succeeding in the Business of Remedial Massage

Start your massage career with the skills and knowledge to research and develop an integrated business plan for achieving business goals and objectives and understanding how to succeed. Run a successful small business that operates independently, or as part of a larger organisation.


This ancient treatment provides numerous wellness benefits. Including inducing deep relaxation, eliminating toxins, pain relief, stimulate nerve function and improves body health condition and well-being in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Tuition Fees

The course tuition fees are $14,990, this can be covered by a Vet Student Loan*. No out of pocket expenses, upgrades, or surprises after enrolment. 

• For eligible students only; you may need to sit a Literacy Numeracy Assessment if Year 12 or higher education has not been completed.

There are 3 flexible payment options available, VET Student Loans, Money3 Loans, Interest Free Direct Debit Payment Plan – Self Funded.

Total VSL repayments: $17,988.

What’s Included

Course Units


HLTMSG001 Develop massage practice
CHCPRP005 Engage with health professionals and health system
CHCCOM006 Establish and manage client relationships
HLTMSG002 Assess client massage needs
HLTMSG004 Provide massage treatments
HLTINF004 Manage the prevention and control of infection HLTWHS004 Manage work health and safety


CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance
HLTAAP003 Analyse and respond to client health information
HLTAID011 Provide first aid
CHCCCS001 Address the needs of people with chronic disease


CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice
CHCPOL003 Research and apply evidence to practice
BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning


HLTMSG003 Perform remedial massage musculoskeletal assessments
HLTMSG005 Provide remedial massage treatments
HLTMSG006 Adapt remedial massage practice to meet specific needs
HLTMSG008 Monitor and evaluate remedial massage treatments
HLTMSG007 Adapt remedial massage practice for athletes
SISSSPT001 Implement sport injury prevention and management strategies


Pregnancy and Infancy Massage
Myofascial/Remedial Cupping
Dry Needling

What you’ll learn.

Our in-house supervised clinic allows you to practice your skills on a variety of different clients under the supervision of your trainer. You will learn how to run a clinic in real-time. You will grow in confidence as you learn to work with people to improve their body’s functionality and their overall wellbeing. You’ll start with the Foundations of Massage and gradually build on your treatment toolkit with a different focus each term 1: The Therapeutic Therapist  2: Client Care 3. Succeed in the Business of Massage 4: The Remedial Massage Therapist

Practical Experience



Career Outcomes

Work in the service industry, specialising in chronic disease, mental health, aged care. Complement your nursing or other care provider qualification. Focus on functional movement for wellbeing and quality of life.

Work with professional sporting teams and elite athletes, focus on injury management and prevention, and focus on functional movement for performance. Complement your PT qualification.

Work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals in Allied Health to provide specific treatment teams for rehabilitation and functional restoration.

Complement your Yoga, nutrition, psychology qualification and learn functional movement for health. Mind, body, soul.

Real-world examples of Demi Diploma of Remedial Massage careers (just to name a few):

Campus Campus Attendance 8.30-5.00pm Flexible At Home One-on-One Tutorial


Theory and In class Activities, Demonstrations and Working on each other

Clinic open to the Public

10-15 hours study session
Book with your trainer as needed


Clinic open to the Public

Tuesday Theory and In class Activities, Demonstrations and Working on each other

10-15 hours study session
Book with your trainer as needed


Clinic open to the Public

Theory and In class Activites, Demonstrations and Working on each other

10-15 hours study session
Book with your trainer as needed

Accreditations & Associations

We are an approved registered training provider with four of Australia’s largest Massage Associations. Offering you association membership and Private Health Fund rebates for your clients, once graduated.

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Call us on (07) 5309 6635. We are available weekdays 9am – 5pm (AEST).

Graduate Testimonials



The Diploma of Remedial Massage at Demi International is the most well-rounded, engaging and practical courses I have ever had the pleasure of completing. I knew from a young age that I always wanted to complete a massage course, yet I had no idea it was going to be remedial. Not only am I now more knowledgeable on the anatomy of the body and how muscles function, but this course has also given me a range of different techniques to treat a variety of different muscles and conditions. I highly recommend completing this course.


Morgan Harris

I have always wanted a career in sports medicine I just didn’t know where to start. Demi International helped me to get my foot in the door, by enrolling in the Certificate of Massage therapy that they offer. After falling in love with the concept I progressed and continued on to do the Diploma of Remedial Massage through Demi also. My teacher Seonaid Boyle was encouraging, supportive and always positive throughout my entire journey. I am certain I wouldn’t have found something I love to do as much as Remedial Massage without her help and the Directors of Demi International. If you are wanting to do something fun, active and rewarding I absolutely recommend this course, you will not be disappointed.

Meet your Instructors

We value a great education. Our instructors for the Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT52015 have over 30 years of practice experience working with clients in a variety of fields. Each instructor holds more than one qualification in Health and Complementary Therapies. They are qualified trainers and assessors that meet the Australian Government and Massage Association guidelines for trainers.


Kym Levy

Sunshine Coast Campus

Kym has worked in the health Industry now for 11 years in the Massage and Nursing professions. She has worked with people who require rehabilitation post injury and the sporting community. She also has a love for postural re-alignment and working with Children on relaxation and balance pre and post their sports activities.
Kym maintains that learning happens through laughter and fun. She believes “we are all unique and special, and have something amazing to offer.


Lyn Slade

Toowoomba Campus

Lyn owns and runs Edals Natural Therapy. She has completed several diplomas in complementary therapies including: Chinese Medicine, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. She currently works as part of an allied health team in aged care facilities.


William Macedo Couto

Cairns Campus

Willian graduated in 2011 in his home country of Brazil with a degree in Physiotherapy and a post-graduate in nerurologial disorders. Since graduating he has worked in Sports Rehabilitative Centers, Neurology Centers, Intensive Unit Care, and Nursing Homes.

Pam Siddins

Pam Siddins

Brisbane Campus

Pam is passionate about empowering people to reach their highest potential. The success of others drives her.

Pam has her own business as a Wellbeing Strategist.  Assisting others to achieve optimal wellness through the release of interference of body, mind and spirit. Pam faced her own mobility issue and embarked on understanding movement and breathing. How the physical body adapts and functions as the body releases interference and how to accommodates the changes as the mind and spirit aligns


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Call us on (07) 5309 6635. We are available weekdays 9am – 5pm (AEST).

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