The highest level of training in a range of beauty, massage and make-up courses in
Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

As one of the most highly regarded beauty schools located in Australia, Demi international Beauty Academy aims to provide a professional range of beauty, therapy massage and make-up training. Originally opening our first location on the Sunshine Coast, the Academy received so much recognition and success that we’ve now expanded our campuses even further. However, our main campus and offices remain with our roots and can be located at 9/31-33 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore, Queensland.

For more than 12 years, we have been offering the highest level of training in a range of various beauty, massage and make-up courses. Due to our passion for the trade and the quality that we offer, we’ve been recognised as an official Registered Training Organisation and can proudly say we are one of the best training facilities & equipment for the industry within Australia. We ensure that the highest standards are continuously met by keeping our curriculums up-to-date and providing only the latest amenities for the best learning experience possible.

We provide a variety of professionally-led beauty therapy, massage and make-up courses that cover a wide range of various industry sectors. From micro-skin needling to remedial massage to nail technology, we have the perfect courses that’ll suit just what you’re looking to learn. We offer short courses, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas in the following practices:

  • Salon management/IPL Hair Reduction
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Retail Makeup & Skincare
  • Nail Technology
  • Laser Safety Certificate

Our courses can be studied on a part-time or full-time basis, with flexible study options.

There are many reasons why our Academy is so widely recommended, but students love the fact that our small, relaxed class sizes promote an excellent learning atmosphere and allow each individual access to their own learning support. As the industry is always changing, we also ensure that our courses reflect the skills and talents that are needed in the real-world. Because hands-on practice is just as important, we also offer students an in-house student salon that allows them to put their knowledge to the test and get the full-experience of what to expect after graduation.

If you’re looking to learn more about how the Academy would be the perfect choice for expanding your own knowledge, get in touch with our main Sunshine Coast campus.

Call 07 5309 6635

9/31-33 Plaza Parade Maroochydore QLD 4558

Meet Stacey Oertel one of our Makeup Teachers at Maroochydore

Family is the most important thing in my life

“Making someone feel special, I believe is the best gift of all”

That’s probably my motto in life and it translates to everything I do. Even in the classroom I am always encouraging my students to be the best versions of themselves. I believe this is paramount to getting them industry ready, so they can hit the ground running. Not only will they have all the essential skills they need but the confidence and self-belief to become successful in their chosen area.

People inspire me the most. My family are the most important thing in my life.  I have been so blessed to work with so many wonderful people, including the fabulous teaching team I am a part of now.  Working internationally on cruise liners has probably been my most memorable experience. Even then it was about making as many people as possible feel and look good. That included all ages and walks of life. As well as my cruise liner experience my favourite freelance work to do is weddings and special occasions.  Being a part of someone’s wedding day is very special. I love the excitement and although at times you are required to work under extreme pressure, the anticipation of the event always wins out. The smile on the faces of the people you have just made feel special is the best reward every single time.

Some of the fun loving team I work with

Teaching to me is a reciprocal experience. The student learns from the teacher and the teacher learns from the student. I truly believe we can all learn something from each other. I especially encourage questions, a million or more, that is what learning is all about. My aim in the classroom is to create an environment that is relaxed, supportive and inclusive of everyone. I really believe to succeed we have to be kind, to ourselves and to others.

There’s no drifting though.  I am very focused and goal orientated and lead my students to set goals and develop the will to achieve them through dedication and hard work.  In fact that is my key to success:

“Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself.  Nothing just falls into your lap.  You need to be dedicated and work hard.  Set goals and do what ever is necessary to make them happen!

I look forward to having you join me in the best educational experience in makeup you’ll ever have!

Love Stace x

Meet Sharon Victory one of our Beauty Therapy Teachers

Motivated with an eye for detail. Sharon’s career in the beauty industry began at the tender age of 16 where she rented a space in a hair salon.

Anyone who has been part of Sharon’s classroom would agree that laughter is a big part of the day.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Sharon has the funniest stories to share. Sharon runs her own boutique salon Sunshine Coast Skin Therapies where she specialises in skin treatments.

The luxurious chique of Sunshine Coast Skin Therapies

When I asked Sharon what the key to success in the Beauty Industry she said, You MUST love working with people in this industry and really believe in the treatments that you offer your clients. That is the key to success.

I then asked her what her advice to graduating student would be. She simply said, I always tell them to be the very best they can be.

Finally, I asked her why so much laughter could be heard coming out of her classrooms. What was her philosophy about life. Her answer made me smile.

Never take life too seriously.

Meet Donna Chadwick one of our Beauty Therapy Teachers

Donna loves teaching. She’s been teaching for 26 years! In fact, the biggest influence in her Beauty career was her Academy teacher, who inspired her to follow a career in education.

She loves to pass on her knowledge, all with a quirky Lancashire sense of humour and a genuine love for her students.

Donna holds professionalism and ethics in the highest regard and encourages her students to embrace each lesson.

It is also important to her that students are taught how to be prepared for the industry, so she focuses on emulating this as much as possible in practical and clinic sessions. Experience has taught her this makes the transition from academy to industry true, realistic and seamless. Apart from teaching Donna’s most memorable experience was opening her own Salon.  A thriving business that employed 6 staff and had a loyal client base, many of which still come to see her for their treatments today. Donna is now in her 36th year of service in the Beauty Industry.

The most humbling and heart-felt comments from a student that Donna has received was from a Single mum of 3 including an autistic child and a disabled child. Who never missed a class.

“I had lots of road blocks ahead of me when I started this course, at times I though I just can’t do this. But every time I thought this I remembered your sweet smile Donna. Your kind hand on my shoulder telling me, this is my time, and how happy I feel on each training day.  Now I have completed my diploma and have a part time beauty job. I have no more road blocks just an endless highway of happiness.”

I asked Donna what the most important thing to her was.

Family. My goal in life is to be happy, kind, helpful and understanding. Life is too short so make it count! I feel so lucky to watch my family grow with health and happiness and to work in this Beautiful industry. I feel blessed everyday that I have chosen this pathway.

…and what do you believe is the key to success?

When you have a dream, a passion, work hard at it.  Stay professional.  Have respect for yourself and others.  Open your mind to possibilities.  If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Meet Nail Technician Jo

Jo is our much loved Nail trainer. Driven by a love of what she does and a love of learning. Jo is respected for her knowledge and her students benefit from her love of sharing that knowledge. Jo sparkles in the classroom, literally!

She loves training nail art, especially glitter and colour, and all the things that make a nail unique.

As one of her students said:

I trained under Jo four years ago. She is a truly amazing teacher. She is dedicated to her students and is always looking at new ways to engage them. As a nail technician, Jo’s skills are up there with the best and she is constantly improving. I know I can call on Jo for help and advice at any time. She is a very welcoming and caring lady. I cannot recommend her highly enough

Kerrel Clifford, Red’s Nails and Beauty.

Jo provides her graduating students with the skills to explore their own creative souls, create beautiful unique nails and turn it into a job they absolutely love doing. Her training is client focussed as she believes it is an important part of the job to “make the client’s feel as if they are the most important person in the world”, something she learned from her experience first starting out in a small business.

Jo originally began her career in nails, over 20 years ago. Becoming a nail technician/artist gave Jo the flexibility she needed to take care of her young son, she loved it and she’s been successfully creating beautiful nails for her loyal clients ever since. She has a wish to collaborate with as many nail techs as she can, and create a nail community that keeps the industry growing.

When we asked Jo what her key to success was she said “Practice, practice, practice and never stop learning”.

Meet Satya Remedial Massage Teacher

Satya has been working in Private practice since her graduation from her musculoskeletal degree in 2010. She also works in several multi-modality clinics as a kinesiologist and musculoskeletal therapist and a yoga teacher in both the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Satya joins our experienced team and brings her passion for muscle testing, musculoskeletal assessment and treatment techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, positional release and passive joint mobilisation to the classroom.

Students in Satya’s classroom will be encouraged to open their minds to learning and be challenged to reach their optimal potential. Satya’s training places a strong emphasis on structure, anatomy, physiology and energy medicine. She also teaches a firm foundation in the use of breath and structural alignment for the practitioner and client.

It is always her intention that you will also leave each day feeling uplifted calm and confident. And there are many students who would attest to the truth in this statement.

It was a privilege to learn from Satya, she provided so much support and knowledge to our course. Satya has a unique ability to provide an interactive class that is not only enjoyable but also educational. I found that the way she teaches really makes the information relatable and easy to grasp. I personally feel very in-debited to Satya, because without her guidance I would not be the therapist that I am today. As a client of Satya’, I cannot recommend her as a therapist enough, she has helped me through many tough times in my life with the treatments she has given me, and the treatments are always amazing! She is an amazing teacher, mentor, practitioner and person.

What is the key to success? In the words of Satya’s foremost inspiration:

“Your success in life does not depend only upon natural ability, it also depends upon determination to grasp the opportunity that is presented to you. Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda~