The highest level of training in a range of various beauty massage and make-up courses
Cairns, Far North Queensland

Demi International Beauty Academy is one of the most highly regarded beauty schools within Australia and aims to offers a range of full-time and part-time beauty, therapy massage and make-up courses. With its first location opened on the Sunshine Coast, the Academy received so much success and attention that we’ve now opened a campus in Cairns, which can be found at 97 Spence Street, Cairns, Queensland.

For over 12 years, we have been providing the highest possible level of training in a range of various beauty, massage and make-up courses. Not only do we have the latest facilities & equipment, continuously up-to-date curriculums, and teachers with years of real-world experience, we’ve been commended as one of the industry’s best training facilities in Australia and are an official Registered Training Organisation.

We provide a variety of different expert-led beauty, therapy massage and make-up courses that cover everything from makeup artistry to micro-skin needling. We offer a range of short courses, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas regarding the following specialist practices:

  • Salon Management
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Retail Makeup & Skincare
  • Nail Technology
  • Laser Hair Reduction & Laser Safety Certificate

Our courses can be studied on a part-time or full-time basis, with flexible study options.

Our students recommend us for a number reasons, most notably due to the fact that our small, relaxed class sizes allow each individual to access their own learning support. We also know how important it is to be kept up to date with the current industry which is why our curriculum always reflects the skills and expertise needed in the real world. To give students the full experience of what to expect after graduation, our courses also offer an in-house student salon and hands-on practice that allows learners to hone their knowledge.

Our courses are led by industry experts with years of knowledge regarding real-world industries, many of our graduates quickly find themselves moving onto work in roles ranging from film to fashion to owning their own salons!

Demi International Beauty Academy is the best way to fast-track your future beauty therapy career and get a head start in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Academy could expand your knowledge and your skills, get in touch with our Cairns campus today.

Call 07 4051 3822

97 Spence Street Cairns QLD 4870

Meet Bridie Eaton one of our Beauty Therapy Teachers

Bridie has always had an interest in makeup and beauty treatments, including hair-cuts and dabbled in them all before becoming qualified. Although she admits she nipped a few ears and is thankful she didn’t become a hairdresser.  Maybe we should call her Bridie Van Gough?

Seriously, making naturally based skin care products for  a son with extreme eczema was Bridie’s introduction into the world of skin care and eventually beauty. From humble beginnings as a student Bridie has built two successful business’s including her current business Lara Day Spa and Wellness Center in Victoria.

The beautiful healing vibes of the Lara Day Spa

An upmarket spa with 5 treatment rooms in a renovated 3-bedroom house.

It’s no surprise then that the people that inspire her most are women who own, build and run successful businesses and manage their family commitments. Bridie loves to instil these qualities in her students, building their confidence because she believes that confidence in their ability is pivotal to becoming an outstanding therapist.

When I asked her what she loved about teaching she said.

“I’m helping to make wonderful eager women into talented therapists. Seeing the penny drop when they get the science they have been taught and relate it to their treatments always pleases me”

Training my staff and students is so rewarding

In the classroom Bridie encourages the students to be hands on very early in their studies.  They go over treatments together and she has a strong belief in repetition as effective learning. She aims to mentor students to be giving and kind as well as providing nurturing, exceptional and professional treatments for their clients. I asked her, since the learning journey is reciprocal what the students teach her.

“Students keep me humble and on my toes.  They inspire me to be the best trainer I can possibly be”

Meet Teri Matthews

Involved with student services since she graduated high school. Teri’s training ground in student support services, business and marketing was in the International student arena. Working with people from different cultures has taught her a lot about diversity and interpersonal communication.

The students notice her kindness and genuine care in supporting them to reach their goals and complete their qualification.

As one student has told us “I would not have been able to complete this qualification if Teri didn’t help me come up with a progression plan to get me back on track, I could go and speak to Teri about anything.

Having a dream and knowing what you want in life, then setting goals to take steps towards making that dream a reality is what Teri believes is the key to success. As for Teri, what is her dream? “To own my own business, either a hotel or a school up at Atherton Tablelands.”

Meet Stewart the Massage Therapy Teacher

When a client describes you like this…

“His vision, determination, adaptability, ingenuity, consistency and endurance was at times breathtaking and always with a good sense of humour and endless patience”

Is there much more to say?

Stewart is a family man passionate about sport and massage, with 27 years already under his belt, and no sign yet of stopping. A simple man, who enjoys a simple life.

He’s been lucky enough to work in many countries, with what he calls ‘awesome athletes’, sharing plenty of unexpected funny moments in the down-time between events. With his Irish humour, I’m sure many of these were memorable for all.

Stewart brings his Irish humour and positivity to the classroom. He describes his ideal learning environments as relaxed, but intense, a place where students want to learn. He aims to treat every student as their own person, work with their strengths and prepare them to walk from the classroom to the clinic, with confidence in their skills.

Meet Kristy

Kristy started her career in hair 20+ years ago. “I loved everything fashion! I was on the hair styling team working along side a make up artist on a fashion show and thought I just wanted to do that too! So I did!”

That determination is what has led Kristy to work all over Australia and run a successful Bridal business that takes care of hundreds of brides each year. One bride had this to say about Kristy;

Kristy was absolutely amazing. Everything was easy, nothing was a hassle or too hard for her. She has a lot of people to get through and absolutely breezed through the lot with such skill. We all looked great and everyone who had hair and/or make up done was so happy with it. Kristy was so easy going and professional and an all-round lovely legend. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Having worked hard and come so far in her career. Kristy became eager to share this with others who had similar dreams to work in the creative industries. When she teaches, she is looking for each student’s inner magic and gets the most joy out of watching students push boundaries and bring that magic to their work. Class with Kristy will provide you a relaxed environment to experiment with new ideas and concepts and Create, Create, Create! When asked what her main goal for students was, Kristy’s answered “To have the confidence, skills and knowledge to take on any make up job with ease and know they can deliver amazing results”

And the key to success? “Be open to new ideas and have dedication to your work”