How to Become a Salon Manager

Thinking of becoming a salon manager? If you want to level up your beauty skills, managing a salon is a fantastic career move! 

As a salon manager, you’ll be in charge of supervising a salon or spa’s daily business operations and customer service needs. This includes marketing, hiring, and determining what services will be offered in your establishment. If you like working with people and have great organisation and people skills, this might just be the perfect career path for you!

So how do you become a salon manager? We’ve compiled a few easy steps to help you get your dream job:

Step 1: Get your foundation qualification 

Typically, you would already need to be a qualified hairdresser, barber, beauty therapist, etc.. In these courses, you’ll learn the foundations of your trade, develop your skills and knowledge, and work towards becoming an expert in your field. There are different options to becoming qualified. You can complete a full-time qualification at a registered training organisation, or gain your trade through an apprenticeship. 

Step 2: Gain experience.

Any aspiring salon manager would benefit from gaining experience by working in their trade for a few years  to learn the ins and outs of the business. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with customers and discover best practice for running a salon. It can be helpful to talk to your employer about some extra on the job-training or job-shadowing your manager so you can start to gain the real-world management experience, This means you’ll also be expanding your skillset beyond styling hair or giving massages to setting schedules, marketing services, stock control and meeting customer demands.

Step 3: Complete an accredited salon management program.

When you feel comfortable and confident enough to take the next step, it’s time to enrol in the right  Salon Management course! Here you’ll receive the practical experience, technical skill, and theoretical knowledge to effectively manage any establishment, under the supervision of an experienced trainer and assessor. It can take as long as 12 months.

A salon management course  is designed to focus more on the business aspects of running a whole salon, spa, or clinic. Completing a Salon Management qualification could be a great advantage if you want to own your own salon, or if you want to work at a popular established salon or spa.

Step 4: Look for job opportunities.

Once you’ve completed your Salon Management course, you’ll be qualified to run your own business or seek employment as a Salon Manager. Becoming a Salon Manager is a demanding but very rewarding career. It’s a chance to share your knowledge and experience with others and be involved in the growth of a business, which is an exciting ride! 

You may develop your career further and eventually move into consulting or training. And you’ll always have your foundation skill-set if you ever need to take up the tools as well. At this level, you’re considered an all-around expert in the Salon business.

Ready to be a Salon Manager?

Does managing a business excite you? Is it time to increase your cash-flow? Start your next-level career today!

Demi International’s Diploma of Salon Management will provide the headstart you need to earn the industry management role of your dreams, equipped with immersive, virtual, and flexible study options you can learn from anywhere! Call us to find out more.

Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith

Sandra owns her own successful nail salon in Grange, Brisbane. Her highly commended career involves winning the overall Champion for INJA competition in 2017, the Overall Champion Emendee trophy in 2019, a 1st place win in the NZ nail competition and two 1st place wins in Antalya (Turkey) World Cup Nail Championship in 2021.
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