How To Become A Salon Manager: A Roadmap to Leadership Success

If you’re a seasoned hairdresser or beauty therapist feeling the itch to explore something new, a move into salon management might be just the thing for you.

As a beauty industry professional, it’s not uncommon to come to a fork in the road where you need to decide between two paths: to continue mastering your existing skills or take the leap into a leadership role. The decision can feel big, but with the right mindset and guidance, you can confidently take on the challenge and reap the rewards of a fulfilling new role.

This guide explores how to become a salon manager, covering everything from skills and training to salary and job hunting. So, if you have a knack for juggling tasks, managing people, and steering the ship, put down your tools and read on.

What does a salon manager do?

Salon managers oversee day-to-day business operations to ensure smooth sailing across customer care, service delivery, staffing, marketing, inventory and compliance.

Salon management duties can vary between companies and roles but typically include:

  1. Resourcing duties to effectively manage appointment schedules, timekeeping and rostering.
  2. Leadership responsibilities to recruit and train new staff and provide guidance to the salon team.  
  3. Customer service safekeeping to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of clients at every touch point. 
  4. Marketing coordination to explore and implement strategies that attract new clients and encourage loyalty from existing clients. 
  5. Financial management of budgets and expenses to protect salon profitability and viability. 
  6. Inventory control to ensure the salon is adequately stocked with necessary products, equipment, and supplies.
  7. Compliance management to ensure the health and safety of products, treatments, employees and customers.

As a hair salon manager or a beauty salon manager, you’ll play a vital role in the ongoing success of the business, no matter how big or small.

How much do salon managers earn?

The average salary of a salon manager in Australia is $65,000 per year.

Salon managers who hold a dual qualification, like a Diploma of Salon Management [SHB50216] and a Diploma of Beauty Therapy [SHB50121], have a higher earning potential thanks to their broad knowledge base and deeper level of understanding across all areas of business.

Worried about job prospects in this economic climate? The beauty industry market continues to boom despite the global challenges faced by other sectors. Reports cite that beauty salons experienced a rapid 112% rise in income during the last quarter of 2021 (aka Covid times) and revenue was up 10.9% in 2022, according to Statista.

Salon manager courses and qualifications

The truth is, you can become a salon manager without formal qualifications, but would you really want to? You can learn so much through  training, which can unlock your full potential and open doors to broader opportunities.

Undertaking formal study with a registered training organisation will give you the practical and theoretical skills you need to thrive in a fast-paced salon environment. A degree can also elevate your CV and help you stand out from other job candidates.

How long does it take to be qualified as a salon manager?

Studying our Diploma of Salon Management [SHB50216] at Demi International will have you job ready in just over 12 months.

An experienced trainer will guide you through a series of online units to help you deepen your knowledge across the following areas of salon management:

  • Team leadership in personal services
  • Recruitment and human resourcing
  • Managing people and performance
  • Individual and team training
  • Small business marketing and promotion
  • Providing a safe work environment 
  • Managing treatment services and sales delivery 
  • Developing workplace policies and procedures

Choose from a blended delivery method, combining face-to-face learning with online training, or study solely online, joining a weekly virtual classroom.

If you’re considering a career in salon management but haven’t yet obtained your hairdressing qualification, why not take advantage of Demi International’s new course bundle and start your journey towards becoming a successful salon manager today!

Additionally, Demi International also offers a course bundle for individuals who are interested in studying Barbering and Salon Management, which could be the perfect fit for those who want to fast-track their career in barbering.

The top 5 skills you need to be a great salon manager

To effectively manage a salon, you’ll need a combination of soft and hard skills to ensure the smooth operation of the business. Here are 5 areas you can focus on to put your best foot forward:

Great Communication

Strong interpersonal skills are essential because you’ll be dealing with people day in and day out. Communicating effectively with people will help you welcome customers, relate with staff and tackle any issues that may arise.

Finely-tuned interpersonal skills

Beyond good communication skills, it’s important to hone your interpersonal skills. This way you can show compassion and empathy when interacting with your team and clientele, and build stronger relationships along the way.

Solid time management

Being able to manage time is crucial in the salon industry. A large part of your role will involve rostering staff and scheduling appointments while maintaining inventory and ensuring the salon is sparkling clean. That’s a tall order for anyone who isn’t skilled at managing time.

Technical know-how

A lack of technical knowledge can limit your ability to manage a salon successfully. Understanding products and being aware of equipment needs can help your team to deliver the highest level of service in a timely manner, which can enhance the salon’s profitability.

Conflict resolution talent

From top-tier salons to small businesses, conflict can arise in any workplace. Knowing how to comb through disputes and resolve them promptly can help to foster a harmonious workplace for everyone.

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Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith

Sandra owns her own successful nail salon in Grange, Brisbane. Her highly commended career involves winning the overall Champion for INJA competition in 2017, the Overall Champion Emendee trophy in 2019, a 1st place win in the NZ nail competition and two 1st place wins in Antalya (Turkey) World Cup Nail Championship in 2021.

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