Thinking of Becoming a Barber? 8 Things You Should Know

Barbering is both a passion and a profession.

It’s an exciting industry worth billions of dollars and continues to grow as time passes.

As a career, it’s fun, rewarding, has the potential to make good money, and has great job prospects.

Is it hard to do?

No — but being a good barber with an above-average salary will take years of practice and experience.

As with anything in life, it takes hard work, discipline, and determination to achieve.

What does a Barber do?

We all know the technicalities — a barber cuts, trims, shaves, and maintains facial and head hair to keep it healthy and looking good.

They also shampoo, treat, colour, and style depending on what the customer wants.

Before you become a barber, here are 8 things you should know:

1. It can be a very fulfilling career if you have a passion for the industry.

For many, barbering is the perfect career because it combines both a social environment and a dedicated place to practice your craft and unleash your creativity. Few jobs offer these opportunities, and if you love what you do it’s a very fulfilling day-to-day life.

2. There are minimal educational requirements.

You will need to enroll at an accredited training school or find an apprenticeship to become a fully certified barber.

To qualify for a training program, you must be at least 15 years old and have completed Year 10 (or equivalent).

3. School will cost money.

Before you can become a professional barber, you have to invest time and money into learning your craft. You might even find it expensive — however, there are many programs out there that offer financial assistance and flexible payments.

Many of these funding programs are helping to make your career dream possible. A registered training organisation (RTO) like Demi International can help you understand how much barber school is and your payment options.

4. Barbers are always in demand.

As long as people have hair that grows and fashion trends change, barbers will always have a job, even in a poor economy. The profession is completely recession-proof and dates way back to the middle ages, so you’ll be investing in your long-term job security!

5. There’s potential for a very high income.

How much can Barbers make? According to SEEK, ‘The average annual salary for Barber jobs in Queensland ranges from $55,000 to $65,000.’

But this is the average. Barbers can make as much as they want to make. Dedication and hard work could mean you achieve something truly profitable. But once put your skill out there, there are incredible opportunities to earn good money.

6. You’ll meet new people every day.

Part of what makes barbering such a great job is how social you get to be. You’ll have clients who have interesting stories to tell and daily chit-chat will be a part of your everyday work-life – the perfect career if you’re a people person with great listening and conversation skills

7. Your health and stamina are just as important as your talent.

You’ll be on your feet most of the day, using your hands and arms to snip away and perform careful work – after all, it’s art! You need to make sure you are in good physical shape with a regular exercise routine to give you the stamina for long work hours.

8. You can work on your own terms.

The best thing about barbering is that you can always choose to be your own boss! Once you graduate and become a professional, you’ll be able to work as a freelancer, open your own business, and even travel! Bottom line is: being a barber is a good life.

Start your barbering journey with us today!

If flexible hours with rewarding work in a creative industry appeals to you, why not start now? Kick-off your career with us! Demi International offers a fully accredited Certificate III in Barbering program equipped with the best resources and instruction. Call us to find out more.

Seonaid Boyle

Seonaid Boyle

Seonaid is the Manager of Communications and Quality at Demi International.
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