Lilly Chabot
Manager Admin and Student Services

When people ask me how I got into a career in Admin, I tell them “The career chose me”. I’ve always been very organised and good at creating and maintaining a stable environment. Having a job that is meaningful and makes a difference to the lives of others is also important to me. Prior to joining the Demi International team in July 2019, I spent 6 years working for “profit-for-purpose” organisation where I was involved in raising funds for the charity organisations that were our clients. In my new role I’m given the opportunity to keep growing personally and learn something new every day. It is
very rewarding to me to be involved in the first steps towards helping students begin a career in an industry they love. I admire the fact that people have a passion and want to make a career out of it.

My main goal is to facilitate the process, make sure the students have the support they need to take their skills to the next level. I think my colleagues would say that the best thing I bring to the work environment every day is my sense of humour. There’s always a lot of laughs, which makes the working environment, fun and enjoyable. Helps us all get through the busy day!

You can’t tell from my picture, but I was born in France. I’ve travelled, studied and worked in a few countries including India and Spain and Australia has been my home for 6 years now. My accent is pretty unique, not quite Aussie but not quite French anymore either. When I’m not at my desk you’ll find me caring for my veggie garden and plants in general. What do I believe the key to success is? Persistence! Don’t let the drawbacks affect you. Focus on
finding solutions instead of promoting problems.

Nikki Photo
Nikki Wicks
Campus Coordinator  – Toowoomba Campus

After working as an office admin for years, I decided to try a different career and entered the beauty industry as a mature age student. This meant, I was really committed to my education and driven to find employment at the end of my studies.

I worked in a small beauty boutique in Toowoomba and a large franchise beauty salon. I really love the environment of a small community salon. I believe you have more time to really connect with your clients in this setting, and this is what I like the most about my job.

From working in the industry and really enjoying my job, I then decided to share my passion with others and enrolled to complete a Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor qualification.

At Demi International, I have found a job I really love. I get to combine my office administrations skills, student support services and training in beauty and makeup. I find being part of the student journey rewarding and satisfying as I watch them grow in confidence and in their skills, all the way to them landing their first job in the industry.

I believe the key to success is determination and confidence. You may suffer setbacks; however, you really need to keep pushing in your pursuit of happiness.

I’m also a country girl through and through and hope to one day have my own acreage property and stock it with animals.

Roberta Vieira profile-pic-square
Roberta Vieira
Campus Coordinator – Cairns

I am a very optimistic person who loves helping people feel their best and this is can be one of the most rewarding parts of working in the beauty industry. I also believe in education and how this can change people’s life journeys. For this reason, my role at Demi International is very fulfilling, helping students in the career they’ve chosen and to be surrounded by strong and driven individuals.

I came to Australia to take a Business and Marketing Master’s degree. Maybe this was just an excuse, but I found myself here. I have worked in Marketing for Education and also for Tourism segments for most of my life, including experiences of mega-events such as the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games, which makes me love to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds.

People usually don’t guess correctly, but I am originally from Brazil and I have been in Australia for 4 years. I am the first one in my extended family to have a Bachelor’s degree, to be able to speak English and to travel overseas. I consider myself very lucky, but luck without effort does not exist.  My journey was challenging and I always give my best to achieve my dreams (people would say goals, I would say dreams when they are far away from you). I believe determination and perseverance are the keys to success. Nothing comes easy and the hardest challenges are also the ones that are the most rewarding when you achieve them.

Gabriela Machado
Campus Coordinator – Chermside

Hi, I’m Gabriela, (you can call me Gabi) and I’m the Campus Coordinator of the Chermside Campus. I’m from Brazil, I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Trade and I have been in Australia for 7 years now.

I moved to Australia after just finishing my degree and I couldn’t be more excited, scared and optimistic about it. I always wanted to live abroad, to experience a new culture and to give me space to become an adult. I left my country, family, friends and mostly, my comfort zone and guess what? It was totally worth it! It’s important to put yourself in these situations, where you don’t have full control of the situation/environment or you don’t have a safety net, it makes us work hard, learn from our mistakes and inspires us to be more.

For several years now I have been in employment in the Education sector, International Student Exchange Program, and International Trade, I have gained experience and acquired skills in customer service, sales consultancy, client-stakeholder engagement, customer flow management, customer service consultancy. Always aiming for more career growth and skills improvement.

If I’m not at my second home, Demi’s Chermside campus, you can find me enjoying the beach, hanging out with my friends and their dogs, and also enjoying some “me” time at my home, with a book or binging to TV shows or planning my next trip… Ohh, and music! Always!

Well, I hope to meet you all and remember, there are better things ahead than any we leave behind!

Indya Green administrative assistant demi international maroochydore
Indya Green
Administration Assistant – Maroochydore

For many years I have always loved working in administration positions, I always felt it is the most rewarding job; the work is interesting, and there is always something to do. I have worked in all different types of jobs; fast food, grocery stores, waitressing, call centres, retail, and housekeeping. By far the best jobs I have ever had were being an administrative assistant.

I finally decided to choose an admin position as my career in early 2020. I had to move back home to Australia, due to covid, shortly after living in Canada for only 3 months. I worked at a call centre for the time being while finding a place that I would love to study my certificate III in Business, and it is safe to say I have found that place at Demi International.

Part of my role is to meet with students and enrol them to study for their new career, and as someone who is also studying towards my career, I could not be happier to see the students taking that step! I love to be able to help our students decide and move forward with their decision and seeing them enjoying their classes and being proud of the work they do is amazing.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time at home reading, playing games, watching movies or spending time with my animals. I also love to go out and explore nature, take photos, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Camping is an activity of mine that I love, as well as travelling overseas – I cannot wait to be able to travel again.

Donna Chadwick
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Sunshine Coast Campus

Donna loves teaching. She’s been teaching for 26 years! In fact, the biggest influence in her Beauty career was her Academy teacher, who inspired her to follow a career in education. She loves to pass on her knowledge, all with a quirky Lancashire sense of humour and a genuine love for her students. Donna holds professionalism and ethics in the highest regard and encourages her students to embrace each lesson.

It is also important to her that students are taught how to be prepared for the industry, so she focuses on emulating this as much as possible in practical and clinic sessions. Experience has taught her this makes the transition from academy to industry true, realistic and seamless. Apart from teaching Donna’s most memorable experience was opening her own Salon.  A thriving business that employed 6 staff and had a loyal client base, many of which still come to see her for their treatments today. Donna is now in her 36th year of service in the Beauty Industry.

The most humbling and heart-felt comments from a student that Donna has received was from a Single mum of 3 including an autistic child and a disabled child. Who never missed a class.

“I had lots of road blocks ahead of me when I started this course, at times I though I just can’t do this. But every time I thought this I remembered your sweet smile Donna. Your kind hand on my shoulder telling me, this is my time, and how happy I feel on each training day.  Now I have completed my diploma and have a part time beauty job. I have no more road blocks just an endless highway of happiness.”

I asked Donna what the most important thing to her was.

Family. My goal in life is to be happy, kind, helpful and understanding. Life is too short so make it count! I feel so lucky to watch my family grow with health and happiness and to work in this Beautiful industry. I feel blessed everyday that I have chosen this pathway.

…and what do you believe is the key to success?

When you have a dream, a passion, work hard at it.  Stay professional.  Have respect for yourself and others.  Open your mind to possibilities.  If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Beauty Trainer Chelcey Quinn
Chelcey Quinn
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Sunshine Coast Campus

Originally from Scotland, Chelcey arrived in Australia 8 years ago after following her heart. She now lives with her husband and two babies in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.


Chelcey began her career at 14 in her family salon. From there she progressed to Spa’s, managing salons and franchises. Each new position helped her gain more experience and qualifications as she grew along with the rapidly changing health and beauty industry. Chelcey also became a small business owner providing spray tans, lashes, waxing, gel nails and acrylic nails. For the last 8 years she has been working in the dermal side of the industry working with laser hair removal, advanced chemical peels, skin resurfacing, pigmentation and vascular treatments. Chelcey holds an open trainers full license with QLD radiation and health. After years of experience in the industry Chelcey is so happy to join the Demi International team and follow her passion for training and assessing students.


Chelcey’s key to success: Envision what you want, work towards it, take small steps but always picture yourself achieving your goal.  Delays may come, obstacles may arise but never lose that imagine of yourself achieving and living your goals, and they will come to you!


beauty therapy demi international mimi chambers
Mimi Chambers
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Sunshine Coast Campus

My career in beauty started by chance. I decided to study beauty therapy while I was taking a gap year between graduating and going to university to study psychology. I got my first beauty job in my first semester of study. I never went to uni.

I have been teaching for 10 years and every class to me is memorable. I believe to educate and make a difference in someone’s life is so rewarding. My favourite thing about teaching is the moment a student really clicks and understands something- the little lightbulb that goes off in their head!

I have been extremely fortunate in my career to have worked in successful, big chain franchise clinics as well as small, local salons. In my career, my focus has always been on continued education and training. I am inspired by the depth of research and incredible people like scientists, dermatologists, who are focused on educating the public about the beauty industry. I currently work as a Clinical Trainer for a Dermal education company. We deliver diverse and comprehensive training on aesthetic devices. I specialise in Dermal Therapies and all things skin. IPL, RF, needling, plasma, peels, HIFU. I am also a dog trainer and volunteer my free time to rescues.

The most important thing for graduating students is to remember your Diploma if just the first step in your career. We will give you the skills to become a great therapist but the more open you are to learning and growing will be the key to success beyond your dreams!

Ali Porter
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Toowoomba Campus

Making people feel good about themselves mind, body and spirit is Ali’s aim when she goes to work in her own salon B.lush Studios in CBD Toowoomba. Lashes and makeup are her top services. When I asked her who she was most inspired by she answered

Australian Make-up Artist Rae Morris. She shares so much of her knowledge and the secrets to her success.

As an experienced Beauty Therapist, she has a keen interest in anti-ageing techniques and has worked with many Skin Care Companies over her years in salons. Ali loves to travel and hopes to add more stamps to her passport and while she’s there, advance her skills in her other love, photograph. You’ll find yourself laughing at Ali’s spontaneous antics in the classroom where the focus is on communication skills and hands on practice.

As a teacher she loves to see students blossom into industry professionals and uncover their own special talent. It is her intention to have her graduate’s leaving college confident in their skills and knowledge and on their way to finding the job of their dreams.

Ali’s tips for success

  • Practice and persistence
  • Take every opportunity, you never know where it leads
  • Seek work experience in an environment you see yourself working in and walk through the open doors.
  • Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know
  • Everyone has a talent, they just must find the courage to share it.
  • Go with your gut instinct

Sometimes a student can say it perfectly. Here is what a past student Emma McClurg had to say about Ali.

Ali provided immaculate teaching skills using a combination of exceptional presentations and excellent hands on teaching skills that catered for all learning abilities. Ali motivates all students to have confidence, strive to pursue excellence and succeed.

Lana Glover
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Toowoomba Campus

Lana has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She enjoyed her time working in salons but always had the goal to own and operate her beauty business. She achieved her goal and ran her own business in Western Australia for 10 years. Following her passion for beauty and inspiring others to follow their heart to do what they love; Lana began teaching in 2003 at Challenger TAFE in WA. Teaching has been a very rewarding experience bringing her great joy. Now a Qld resident Lana has been managing a salon, teaching beauty, and operating her own business.

Lana’s words of wisdom: Do what you love. You can achieve any goal you want to. Be the best you can be.

Theresa Azzopardi
Beauty Trainer – Cairns Campus

Theresa studied her Diploma of Beauty Therapy while at Highschool. Theresa has since worked as an Assistant Spa Manager on Daydream Island. She currently still works at a local Cairns Spa when she is not training. Theresa says it the amazing clients she meets that really make her appreciate the privilege of her job as a therapist. As a trainer, Theresa sets the intention to make sure her students graduate confident and industry ready in all aspects of the job and can push to achieve what they most love to do.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Rebecca Clues
Beauty Trainer – Chermside Campus

I’m so excited and honored to be a part of the Demi International team of trainers.

My Beauty story began back in 2005 when I studied Beauty Therapy. I have been in the Beauty Industry for 16 years now. In this time, I have worked for many Beauty salons, as well as owning my own Salon. For the past 8 years, I have been employed as a Dermal & Laser Therapist, I hold a full license through Radiation Health Queensland. Performing advanced treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Vascular Laser treatments, laser pigmentation, Skin needling, clinical peels, and laser rejuvenation.

Skin is my passion and I love to share my knowledge so together we can educate our clients.

My ultimate goal is to provide students with the skills to be the best they can be within the Beauty industry.

Beauty Therapy is not just about the treatments we can offer our clients but also that little sparkle that you can add to someone’s life. Mindset is everything and together we can achieve so much more.

natasha fenton certificate III makeup demi international
Natasha Fenton
Dual Qualification Beauty and Makeup – Maroochydore Campus

I have over 20 years’ experience in both makeup and beauty. My passion for beauty and make-up came from my love of dance, modelling and the creative arts. All of which I was involved in from a young age.

I am inspired by the transformational capabilities of makeup and its unique ability to give confidence and self-appreciation to others.

As a freelance MuA I have worked in TV, runway, short films, commercial, advertising, editorials. I also have a creative studio which I co-own that provides makeup workshops, courses and services in makeup and hair. I operated a leading bridal and special event makeup business across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I have also been employed in salons and day spas including retail makeup stores and wellness spas. I now provide wedding services in Noosa and I also coach Salon Owners in business development and mentor staff and managers.

My work in the education sector spans 14 years. I love that I can share real-world advice, artistry skills, beauty techniques and invaluable hints and tips with upcoming makeup and beauty professionals.

​I truly love what I do!​ This industry can provide many opportunities and I recommend to anyone who is curious about the beauty world, to explore the different avenues of what this industry can offer. The prospects are countless, and the possibilities are endless!

Salma Peerthy
Dual Qualification Beauty and Makeup –  Ipswich Campus

I am an experienced fully qualified beauty therapist, salon owner and trainer in the beauty industry, Cosmetic and Spa Industry for the last 20 years. Working as a Business Development Manager/Trainer, helped pave my way to becoming an expert in the field of training, sales, beauty and spa services, skin treatment and skincare in salon/spas and cosmetic physicians clinics.

I have worked with a lot of advanced skincare and machinery along with Doctors and skin therapists such as Peels, Microdermabrasion, Radiofrequency, Skin needling, Hifu, oxygen treatment, ultrasound, IPL, Thermage, LED machine and body treatments machine.

My main goal is to train therapists to the highest standard, it’s something which I’m really passionate about. It’s also rewarding. At our clinic, it’s our prime aspiration to help all women and men feel truly confident in their skin and themselves at every age. Our philosophy is we believe in clean science that delivers amazing results.

Tamsin Smith
Dual Qualification Beauty and Makeup – Cairns Campus

Tamsin originally wanted to become a Vet but in High School, she completed her work experience in a salon and absolutely loved it. She’s never looked back. At 17 Tamsin completed a 2 year course in Beauty Therapy. Tamsin has enjoyed an amazing International career. She was headhunted to work in Val’d’isere in the French alps as their beauty & spa therapist which led to a management role in both the Greek Islands and the South of France too. Tamsin says her career has been hard work, challenging, and rewarding in so many ways. She also runs her own skincare company Essence by Tamsin. Keep an eye out for it launching in Cairns soon. 

Tamsin loves to inspire the next generation of beauty therapists and share with them the many opportunities a career in Beauty Therapy can lead to. She likes to nurture and push her students to be the very best industry ready therapists possible by the end of their course. Tamsin’s key to success: Hard work, determination, and a positive mindset. Just put yourself out there!

Tina Donaldson
Dual Qualification Beauty and Makeup  & Hairdressing – Toowoomba Campus

I started hairdressing in 1993, managing my first salon. Shortly after this, I did every course in beauty and hair I could get into. I trained with Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden in Melbourne and managed their events in Victoria. I started my first business in 2004 with a focus on weddings with a holistic approach.

I have worked with celebrities, been published in Cosmo Bride and won an International award for my work at Elizabeth Arden

I am a life-long learner. I absolutely enjoy learning new information and skills. I look forward to passing on my experience to all the students coming to train with me at Demi International.

Nikki Findlay hairdressing trainer demi international maroochydore
Nikki Findlay
Hair Trainer – Maroochydore Campus

I started out in the hairdressing industry when I was 16 years old in a small salon in Aberdeen, Scotland. After I qualified, I went to work for Toni and Guy, first in Scotland and then in St. Kilda, Melbourne. I graduated up to Style Director with Toni & Guy which opened the door to session styling where I worked on Melbourne fashion week styling hair for Gucci and other iconic fashion designers.

I then got involved with salon training and training their apprentices. This is where my passion really stepped up. I love to see young up-and-coming passionate Stylists coming through the ranks in the hairdressing industry, it’s amazing.

I completed my Certificate IV in Training & Assessment and became a Lead Educator, delivering Certificate III in Hairdressing and Certificate IV Advanced Technical training. On numerous occasions, I represented Pivot Point on stage at Hair Expo, the International Hairstylist Society (Australia), and Hair and Beauty Industry Association Competitions.  After successfully delivering on my role as a Lead Educator I took on additional responsibility and became a Teacher Trainer where I would train and assess other Educators on how to implement the resources in their classroom environment.

We lived in Melbourne for 9 years but decided in 2011 to go back to Scotland to raise our family. When we returned to Scotland, I carried on my Educator role working for North East Scotland College and working in the salon Saks LTD. I think it’s very important to keep your skills up as an Educator. We had fabulous 7 years in Scotland but decided to head to the Sunshine Coast for a lifestyle change. I am currently a Senior Stylist at Elle Aura Collective in Coolum Beach and love to keep creative and up to date with industry trends.

My key to success is to be curious, explore new pathways, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.  Remember that you are not just a hairdresser and that this industry has so many pathways, lots of exciting opportunities. You can create your own adventure and travel the world in this industry. I am always very excited to see what new talent will walk through the door and identify how I can support them on their journey.

Chris Trezise guest expert barber training Demi International Maroochydore and Chermside
Chris Trezise
Barber Guest Expert – Maroochydore and Chermside Campus

Mine is what most people would say is an unlikely story. But sometimes life unfolds in unexpected ways. I was ready to join the police force, still unsure of what I wanted as a career. One day I made a passing comment about how fun it would be to cut hair. When I was asked Why Not? I had a lightbulb moment. One week later I was accepted as an apprentice at one of the best hair salons in town. Just like that. It wasn’t all glory though I had a lot of hard work ahead and I sank before I swam. I passed through my apprenticeship with a lot of determination.

After 17 years of experience in the industry growing my knowledge and skills, I have decided to embrace the challenge of sharing my passion and inspiring the next generation of barbers. It’s important to me that my students learn not only how to pass an exam. I want them to build a strong set of skills they will always use. All trades start with the basics or what I call a solid foundation. I have had the privilege of learning many different skill levels of hairdressing, which I combine with my barbering skill set for something extra than just classic barbering alone. I currently work in Mario’s Traditional Barbershop in the Sunshine Plaza and love to have a chat if you want to ever pop by.

jenny kelly profile pic square
Jenny Kelly
Hair and Barbering Teacher – Chermside

I was 15 and 9 months when I started my Apprenticeship is a small town called Warwick. I was privileged to be trained by one of the best in Hair (Rene Luthi). Trained in Switzerland he inspired me to keep pushing my skills and keep creating better work. I always strive to do better n better in all that I do. I have had my own businesses for the last 20 years, I’m currently running my 5th salon. I absolutely love training my apprentices, bringing out their best qualities and inspiring them to do better. I’m looking forward to bringing my passion for training in a classroom environment. My key to success is Stick to what you know and grow. I love this industry but if I wasn’t here, I’d most likely be in the dirt bike industry.

christy massey hairdressing trainer demi international chermside
Christy Massey
Hair and Barbering Teacher – Chermside and Brisbane Apprentices

I didn’t know I wanted to be a hairdresser but I was always doing my hair and my sisters and friends hair growing up. My mum came home from a salon that was looking for a junior to wash hairs on Saturdays and said that I would be great at it, so next thing I know she was driving me to the salon to start my first day and 25 years later I still love this trade. I started my career in Sydney and have worked in a variety of salons including my own and the most memorable moments are the friendships I have made with both clients and coworkers. Going to expos and award shows together and being able to share my passion and excitement for hair with others, I really feel privileged.

I love being able to share the knowledge I’ve gained with my students. I take tremendous pride in inspiring young hairdressers and the best thing about my job is the chance to give back to the industry that has given me so much throughout my life. In the classroom I love creating an environment that is inclusive to everyone, I want them to support each other through the highs and lows and be able to look back at this time with pride in themselves for finishing the course. I get great joy from mentoring apprentices and helping them grow into capable and confident professionals. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a past student succeed. To get a job in the industry, somewhere that they can pursue what inspires them most in hairdressing.

My key to success – Hard work and doing something you love.


hairdressing apprentices brisbane tracey wilson
Tracey Wilson
Hairdressing Apprentices – Chermside and Brisbane Apprentices

My passion is definitely in the education sector, I love to teach hair but also to help others with my stories and the knowledge I have gathered along the way.

I’ve been hairdressing since I was 16 I started working for a large franchise in London to becoming their salon trainer training apprentices and employees. I then branched out to owning 2 salons of my own and then moved my family out to this beautiful country and have been training students here for the last 12 years. I am excited to take you on this journey with Demi international to include fun and education and prove you can succeed in taking your dreams anywhere even to the other side of the world


Rachel Holmes
Hairdressing  – Chermside and Ipswich

I began a Hairdressing and Beauty course when I was 15 years old, I ended up getting a tea and tidy job which led me into the pathway of my apprenticeship in hairdressing of over 30 years now. I always loved treating my barbie dolls to different styles when I was a young girl some were normal and some well let’s leave that up to your imagination.

When I completed my apprenticeship, I then took off to travel the world via cruise ships I worked alongside many different nationalities, travelled to many places and saw many different types of hair. I successfully ran my own salons, one salon I owned was in a gym, so while running the salon I began teaching Zumba then certified in teaching a fitness program called Konga. I colour educated with J the Colour for many years and spent a short while colour educating for Affinage. I’m extremely passionate about colour, I feel like if it moves it should be coloured so needless to say my little dog has had some colour experiences from me, not sure if he liked them.

My absolute favourite thing to do is paint rainbows, it’s my happy place, I just love that flow of creativity. In between all these things I am a mum to 3 beautiful daughters, one of my most exciting adventures lately is my eldest daughter made me become a GlamMa with a little grandson and oh my he is the cutest. I’m excited about fulfilling your training needs and hope to bring a little vibrance into the classroom.


Chani Burns
Hairdressing Apprentices –  Sunshine Coast Apprentices

I’ve always been a natural with hair since before I can remember. My friends used to get me to braid or style their hair and they realised before I did, that I would be a hairdresser one day.

I naturally fell into my apprenticeship when I was working as a salon assistant for my own hairdresser because she could see that I was a natural with hair. I’ve always worked in boutique-style salons. I’m a perfectionist in my work and like to spend quality time with my clients to create amazing results and build a strong rapport with them.

I started hairdressing in Alice Springs where I managed a salon and studied Salon Management with Wella. I then lived and worked in Melbourne for 11 years where I had my own business running a private studio and providing mobile services for weddings and special events. One of my most memorable moments was doing hair and makeup for the AFL Brownlow Medal awards nights. That was really fun and exciting to be involved in such a prestigious event.

To me, nothing is more rewarding than seeing a stylist grow in their skills and knowledge and witness the love and passion they have for their work. Love what you do! I know that sounds simple and cliche but if you are passionate about what you do then success naturally flows from that. Hairdressing isn’t just a job, it is a passion.

I currently work for Norris – a hair and beauty wholesaler for trade professionals and salons. We also have a training facility there where workshops for the hair and beauty industry are held.


chelcey harris hair trainer demi international Cairns
Chelsey Harris
Hair Teacher – Cairns

My mum is my biggest inspiration and role model in my career. I have followed her footsteps into the industry we both love. For the past 18 years, I have operated my own business in Far North Queensland, of CK Hair Mobile hairdressing & Makeup. I work mainly as a colour specialist and have several regular clients. My career highlights so far would be having the pleasure of looking after several Australian celebrities including Christine Anu. In my class, I will be creating a hands-on approach to learning. I want to inspire students to reach their full potential in the hair and beauty industry. My key to success is determination, skill, passion, discipline and luck. If I wasn’t in the beauty business, I’d love to be a women’s AFL player.

Tania Owen_profile_pic_square
Tania Owens
Hair Teacher – Toowoomba

I’m excited to have recently joined the Demi International team, Toowoomba campus.

While enjoying my 25+ years in the hairdressing industry as a Senior Stylist/ Salon Manager, my passion has always been to inspire, mentor and educate the next upcoming stylists. My experience is always evolving as I work in a busy salon, which allows me to remain current and up to date with all exciting hairdressing skills, techniques and education.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and support, building confidence and preparing the students for an amazing future in the hairdressing industry.

Melissa Christie
Makeup Trainer – Maroochydore Campus

Makeup has always been a huge passion of mine from a young age. I have a background in business management but quickly decided that my passion for makeup was more than just a hobby. I started training as a makeup artist and moved abroad and was fortunate enough to combine my management experience with my makeup skills and becoming the Chief Stewardess, managing the Spa and Makeup studio onboard luxury super yachts.

I have since had further training and attended workshops in the UK, Italy, Sydney and Demi International. More recently, I worked as a beauty consultant and makeup artist for Estee Lauder world, working for some of my all-time favourite brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford and La Mer. I am now currently a freelance makeup artist in Noosa on the sunshine coast specialising in Bridal, special occasion and photography makeup. My most memorable moments are my destination weddings/photoshoots where I have been asked to travel to places like France and Mexico and most recently Uluru to be the makeup artist.

My biggest inspirations are current working artists such as Lisa Eldridge and Mia Connor. The power of makeup can transform someone but what I love most, is how it transforms my client’s confidence. Makeup is my passion and doesn’t feel like work for me. The face is my canvas and my makeup studio is my playground.

I am excited to now be a part of the team at Demi international and combine my passion for makeup, training and business, to deliver to my students’ exciting course content that is relevant to the industry today that will provide them with the training and knowledge to become working artists. The most important thing for my students to understand is that makeup is an art; there is no end to learning. Commitment and practice is key to success and reflection and evaluation will be essential for growth and development.

Outside of makeup and training, I am a proud wife and mother to 3 beautiful children, twin 4-year-old girls, Ari & Lulu and nearly 1-year old baby boy, Roman. They are the light of my life and bring me so much joy. Whilst makeup is my passion, it is important for me to have a work/family life balance, so I can have my cake and eat it too, as a mum and a makeup artist.

Danielle Lyth Makeup Trainer
Danielle Lyth
Makeup Trainer – Cairns Campus

Danielle’s passion for makeup is what initially inspired her career in the beauty industry, now spanning 20 years. Danielle trained as a beauty therapist on the Gold Coast and shortly after moved to Tropical North Queensland where she continued her journey in Beauty.  Danielle spent a number of years training the Diploma of Beauty Therapy opening her first Studio soon after. This is where her makeup and hair business grew to unanticipated success.  Drawn to the abundant Wedding industry in the Cairns region Danielle began to focus specifically on that.  She continues to nurture her love of creativity within the hair and makeup industry by continually learning.  “The world of makeup artistry is ever-evolving which is an exciting journey in itself.  I have been fortunate enough over the last 13 years to have a successful career as a makeup artist and hairstylist and work alongside and train with some incredible talents.”

Danielle has been involved in a wide variety of work, including events, corporate, editorial and photoshoots.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences in a fun and creative environment while ensuring that you embark on your new career as a professional makeup artist armed with the knowledge and confidence to take on any role in our expansive industry.”

Ashley Stephens
Makeup Trainer – Chermside Campus

I’ve been a makeup artist for nearly 10 years, and I’ve had extensive experience across all areas of the makeup industry. I’ve worked in managerial roles for some of the biggest cosmetic companies in Australia while maintaining a successful freelancing business.

I specialise in beauty and fashion makeup, having years of experience working with numerous photographers on fashion shows and photoshoots.

I enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle of a busy makeup artist, but I also love my time in class with my students. It’s so rewarding being able to witness my students grow as creative professionals and realise their full potential.

Willian Couto_Remedial_Massage-Trainer_ Profile
William Couto
Massage Teacher – Cairns Campus

As a child, I always thought I would work in a field where I could help people. After finishing high school, I knew I would go on to study Physiotherapy. I graduated in 2011 and began working in rehabilitation. Wanting to learn more about the body and how to help my clients I completed a postgraduate in neurological disorders. Since graduating I have worked in Sports Rehabilitative Centers, Neurology Centers, Intensive Unit Care, and Nursing Homes. Working in the Nursing home has touched my Willian’s heart. I have been working with manual therapy and physiotherapy for almost 10 years and I’m specialized in spine disorders, ortho and neurorehabilitation and manual therapy.

I moved to Australia in 2014 to experience a different lifestyle and new opportunities. I added Remedial Massage to my skills, and I now enjoy training others on how to improve people’s well-being. I’m very grateful for the life I live. I love surfing and spending time in nature. I have a dream to one day build a Rehabilitative Center for people who can’t afford high-quality treatments.

The key to success, in my opinion, is to be grateful for what you already have. Be in touch with what gifts you have to share with people, and then work hard to develop the skills required.

Kym Levy
Remedial Massage Teacher – Sunshine Coast Campus

Kym has worked in the health Industry now for 11 years in the Massage and Nursing professions.  She has worked with people who require rehabilitation post injury and the sporting community. She also has a love for postural re-alignment and working with Children on relaxation and balance pre and post their sports activities.

Kym believes one of the best things about training is being in a support role to help people achieve their dreams and goals and improve their self-worth.

Kym maintains that learning happens through laughter and fun and her classroom environment reflects this. She believes “we are all unique and special, and have something amazing to offer, and we all have our own goals and through being individuals we can inspire each other and work together with our individual strengths to achieve those goals.”

Kym is self-employed as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Healer, working closely with Fitness Experts and Rehabilitation Professionals. She is also currently in the process of writing 3 books.

What is her key to success?

“is being true to yourself.  You should always be willing to learn, and be adaptable to change, as this will allow you to grow both personally and professionally.”

Lyn Edals Photo
Lyn Slade
Massage Teacher – Toowoomba Campus

Hi I’m Lyn

I started my career in massage, not in a traditional way. I was working in the Rehabilitation Ward at the Base hospital Toowoomba as the Allied Health Therapy assistant to the Allied Health Professionals. I was asked to massage the arm of one of the patients to encourage a better outcome for the Physiotherapist working with them.  At the next meeting it was suggested that for professional development, I should complete a basic massage course. Enjoyed it so much went on to do a Diploma in Remedial massage and much more!

I established Edals Therapy Center after years working in large clinics. I’ve been teaching Advance Product Making and Reflexology on the Sunshine Coast. I also work as a complementary therapist at a Nursing Home in Toowoomba and I have a room at Palm Lake Resort (Retirement Village).  I love to share knowledge, I’m a life-long learner. I love my job, supporting people with their health and well-being gets me up every day. It’s a joy to go to work. 

I believe the key to success is… Never giving up, determination, believing gin yourself.  Whatever the day brings, walk through with confidence as the sun will still shine tomorrow.

Tony Stevens joins Demi International as a Remedial Massage Trainer
Tony Logan-Stevens
Massage Teacher – Chermside Campus

I’m Tony, and I have been working solidly in the Remedial Massage Industry for more than 20 years. I fell into this industry without pre-determination and found a career that is so rewarding … When you work in Remedial Massage, the opportunities are only limited by your determination and enthusiasm! I have worked alongside Chiro’s, Physio’s and PT’s, and been fortunate enough to provide Remedial Massage Support to some Elite Athletes as well.


My greatest achievements so far include opening my own clinic in January 2007 and managing to grow a thriving suburban Health Care Practice … Volunteering at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018 and providing Sports Massage at the Aquatic Centre … Working with a World Class World Champion Endurance Triathlete as part of his personal support crew.


I am so excited to be teaching the Remedial Massage Diploma because I am passionate about helping to develop the next generation of Remedial Therapists. I trained at a time where there was much focus on holistic care, with attention to the connection and inter-dependency across the Mind, Body & Spirit. My initial training covered Clinical Orthopaedic Testing but also encompassed the ‘Whole Person’ in treatment attitudes, and I want to take that philosophy – blend it with my experiences from the last 20 years – and share that with students to help them become all they can be in this great industry.


What do I think is the ‘Key to Success?’ … Positivity


Negativity is destructive – but if you stay happy, confident & positive about everything you do there is very little you can’t achieve!

advanced diploma of yoga satya lynn yoga teacher training brisbane
Satya Lynn
Yoga Teacher – Maroochydore and Chermside Campus

With an interest in helping others and a strong yearning for finding the reasons behind the amazing workings of the human body, upon leaving school I studied Chiropractic, Musculoskeletal Therapy, and Kinesiology. In an effort to find a way of allowing clients to have longer-lasting peace and happiness within their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, I found yoga.

I am a devoted yogi, meditator, health advocate, student, trainer, and assessor of remedial massage and yoga teaching, musculoskeletal therapist, kinesiologist, musician, daughter, sister, and friend. With a strong emphasis on structure, physiology, and energy medicine, I guide students enrolled in Yoga teacher training so that they have an appreciation of the sacred science, philosophy, and lifestyle of Yoga. Students will be trained to have a firm foundation in the breath, intention setting, safe structural alignment, finding the edge between strength and flexibility, inner listening, living in the present, smooth transitions, safe adjusting of students, moving into stillness, and self-love.

Through living the yogic lifestyle I bring my love and joy of yoga through my teaching. In Yoga classes I guide my students with a focus on releasing tension and restlessness in the body so it can remain in complete stillness in meditation, reconnecting to our essential nature. Each yoga pose is an opportunity to experience self-acceptance of this present moment, now, allowing for peace in the body and mind through the vehicle of the breath. I often conclude my classes with meditation and an ancient chant of yogic scripture.

I come from a family of yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, and Vedic Astrologers. As a holistic therapist, seeing no part being separate from another, more energetic insights are shared depending on what is organically presented in the group of yogis on the day, to leave you feeling uplifted, radiant, and at peace.

shivani yoga teacher trainer demi international maroochydore
Yoga Teacher – Maroochydore Campus

I have always had a passion for learning and teaching and over the years I have studied and taught in various disciplines.

In 2009 I found Yoga, and as I practiced it diligently I started to feel the benefits in my own body and mind. I moved to Australia in 2014 (from my country of origin, Brazil) and when I started my Yoga teacher training in 2015, I could not believe the transformation that it brought into my life: a sense of well-being, happiness, balance, and purpose as I had never experienced before.

Since then I’ve been striving to live a Yogic lifestyle, continuously studying, teaching, and practicing meditation and Yoga in its various aspects. I have also recently added to my studies the science of Vedic Counselling and Sanskrit.

Having now shared Yoga with many people from all walks of life, I firmly believe that Yoga has the power to bring each one of us to a more peaceful and integrated state, and ultimately back to our true Self.

It is such a joy and privilege to be able to share my love for Yoga with others who are ready to embark on this amazing journey!

Jassie White
Yoga Teacher – Cairns Campus

Jassie first started Core Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2016.

Following a desire to connect deeper to herself and spirit, and provide a space for the community to do the same she continued to pursue her yoga training further.  Immersing herself in the practice of Restorative Yoga, she finally experienced for the first time the feeling of ‘HOME’ within herself.

This experience was so profound for Jassie she declared to create a space for all to experience this returning home to self.  Jassie then completed her level 1 & 2 in Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.  Feeling the desire to explore deeply the practice of yoga, she continued to study the TriYoga system. Completing level 1, Pranavidya, and now completing her level 2 TriYoga teacher training, Jassie welcomes all to the movement of slow flow yoga.

Skilled in the art of movement, Jassie provides movement classes of all types through her business She Wholistic Health and is a practicing Personal Trainer, Energy Alchemist, Lightworker, and Womb healer. She provides regular Healing circles, Yoga & sound events, dance journeys, and much more, embodying her passion for heart-centered living. Jassie inspires all her students to step into their highest potential. Jassie is currently co-authoring a book,

Jassie is excited and humbled to lead you to your path of Yoga, creating an exciting, safe, unique, and diverse experience of yoga.

Sandra Smith
Nail Teacher – Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Campuses

I have been a nail technician for 7.5 years, I started in the industry by creating my own nails at home and experimenting with different creative ideas. At the time I was working in an art, craft, and party store, as a department manager and area manager. Throughout the 12 years in the retail industry, I made several memorable moments, but my dearest and closest memory is the smiling glow on a client’s face, after receiving her balloon order.

I have always been creative in all forms of arts and crafts, I have been a balloon artist, florist, and graphic designer.  So, it was only fitting for me to delve into the nail industry. I completed a certificate of attainment in nail technology, but I wanted more. I needed to know how to create a beautiful stiletto, knowing how to get the right liquid and powder ratio was not enough, I wanted to learn how to create 3D art and more.

Who would know that these 10 little canvases could open up, a completely new world, my passion for arts and crafts, together with being able to express myself through art grew beyond words.

During my time as a Nail technician, I have been inspired by the work of nail technicians and artists from Europe, I aspire to be like these inspiring men and women, and I have traveled to meet some of them, to train and learn new techniques.

My passion for the nail industry grows daily, I don’t think I could ever tire of it. I am always looking for the next technique to learn and continue to grow. I believe and stand by the idea of never stop learning.

My true passion in the industry is nail art, 3D art, fantasy work as well as extreme nail shapes, sculptures and creating an illusion with nail products, and pushing it beyond its limits.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and feel that in a classroom my energy and passion for the industry is infectious, giving students the courage to also believe in themselves, to create beautiful work. I wish to show students, how they can think outside the box and break boundaries.  The art of creating flawless nails does not just stop at salon work it is way bigger. Inspiring students to see that it’s ok to feel good about that warm fussy feeling when the vision in their mind’s eye will come to life.  Seeing each student evolve and grow is my biggest win.

I have entered several competitions, in Australia and Overseas.  In 2017 I won the overall Champion for INJA competition held in Melbourne, followed by other 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins in 2018 and 2019 in Australia, in 2019 I won the Overall Champion Emendee trophy and made my mark with my fantasy piece. Now in 2021, I achieved a 1st place win in the NZ nail competition and two 1st place wins in Antalya (Turkey) World Cup Nail Championship.

I am now a qualified trainer and assessor, as well as Ace educator for Akzentz nail products, I own my own successful nail salon in Grange, Brisbane. I believe the key to success is to plan to succeed by staying focused, practicing, and believing in yourself while staying humble and unique. Most of all don’t be afraid to follow the dream.

Maddison Taylor
Nail Teacher – Cairns Campus

Hi, I am Maddison, teaching Nail Technology Cert III.

I was born and raised in Melbourne and completed my studies in Makeup, Nail Technology, Beauty Services, and Business at Chisholm Institute.

I started my beauty and nail business in Melbourne in 2011. Over the past 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to travel with my business from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, Cairns, and the Torres Straits. I have established several beauty businesses over this period of time, most recently my brand and home business Alternative Nails.

I recently had a little boy in 2019 and while on leave began my studies at University. I am currently in my 2nd year completing my advanced Diploma of Health Science, followed by a Bachelor of Naturopathy.

I have a very strong passion for the nail industry, I have trialed many product brands and techniques. I have worked alongside some amazing industry professionals over the years, that have significantly influenced my career, my level of professionalism, and salon etiquette. I value and share this learned wisdom within my coaching and teaching.

I look forward to guiding and supporting your learning and development in this course and nurturing the first step to your wonderful career as a beauty professional.

Giselle Araujo Business Development Manager Demi International
Giselle Araujo
Business Development Manager

Since the moment I could talk, I’m told, I was negotiating with whoever was around me. I guess business is in my genes. I love what I do, and can’t think of myself working in any other field than sales and business development.

I started working in sales at 16 in telemarketing then as a sales analyst for a training organisation. From there I moved into sales management for more than 10 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in my home country Brazil.

I arrived in Australia about 6 years ago and started working in the VET education sector as a sales and marketing manager. It didn’t take long for me to feel deeply passionate about the opportunities we create for others through education. Helping others to achieve their career goals and making dreams come true is my main goal. I love to help people find a career that inspires them and meets their vision of their future.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work in this fantastic industry, particularly with an RTO that is driven to help students have a wonderful learning experience and achieve job outcomes. I love being part of the team at Demi International.

When I’m not at work you’ll find me watching a sunset by the beach. I love to travel and collect memories. There is so much in this world to see and so many beautiful people to meet.

I look forward to meeting you.

Stacey Oertel
Manager – People, Performance & Quality

“Making someone feel special, I believe is the best gift of all”

That’s probably my motto in life and it translates to everything I do. Even in the classroom I am always encouraging my students to be the best versions of themselves. I believe this is paramount to getting them industry ready, so they can hit the ground running. Not only will they have all the essential skills they need but the confidence and self-belief to become successful in their chosen area.

People inspire me the most. My family are the most important thing in my life.  I have been so blessed to work with so many wonderful people, including the fabulous teaching team I am a part of now.  Working internationally on cruise liners has probably been my most memorable experience. Even then it was about making as many people as possible feel and look good. That included all ages and walks of life. As well as my cruise liner experience my favourite freelance work to do is weddings and special occasions.  Being a part of someone’s wedding day is very special. I love the excitement and although at times you are required to work under extreme pressure, the anticipation of the event always wins out. The smile on the faces of the people you have just made feel special is the best reward every single time.

Teaching to me is a reciprocal experience. The student learns from the teacher and the teacher learns from the student. I truly believe we can all learn something from each other. I especially encourage questions, a million or more, that is what learning is all about. My aim in the classroom is to create an environment that is relaxed, supportive and inclusive of everyone. I really believe to succeed we have to be kind, to ourselves and to others.

There’s no drifting though.  I am very focused and goal orientated and lead my students to set goals and develop the will to achieve them through dedication and hard work.  In fact that is my key to success:

“Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself.  Nothing just falls into your lap.  You need to be dedicated and work hard.  Set goals and do what ever is necessary to make them happen!

I look forward to having you join me in the best educational experience in makeup you’ll ever have!

Love Stace x

seonaid profile
Seonaid Boyle
Manager – Communications and Quality

I started with Demi International over 8 years ago as a trainer. I then moved on to work in administration, student support, student enrolments, education design and compliance. Over the years it has been such a joy for me to watch Demi International grow from 5 students to now 4 campuses. Its been very exciting to see students achieving their dream jobs or using their studies as a stepping stone to achieving a much bigger dream. It’s rewarding to be part of a wonderful team, passionate about education.  A dedicated bunch of people, driven to create more opportunities, for regional students to study what they love while living where they love to be. My role now is about sharing what we do with as many people as possible who are passionate about the personal services industry, making sure every student is having an amazing experience, while also taking care of the government requirements of an RTO.

I love to learn so it’s no surprise to me that I have found a career in education. I get a real kick out of seeing people inspired to try something new, discover their talents and build their confidence to share their gifts and what they have learnt out in the real-world.

I am a lover of nature and get out into it as often as possible. I love people and to travel. I’m inspired daily by our diversity and interconnectedness.  I also love to geek out on health, nutrition and yoga. Being accepted, out of thousands of applications as an attendee at TEDx Brisbane 2017 event Rise Up is one of my most memorable experiences.

My key to a beautiful life: There is always a solution for everything. I’ve learnt through life that nothing is impossible, everyone is capable of so much more than they know. Focus on the journey, you can dream it and believe it, but unless you act on it then it can’t be. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step” Just take it!


Ann Donnarumma

I am the Owner/Director of Demi International. I’m proud to say over the last 10+ years Demi International is now one of Queensland’s most successful and awarded academy’s. It’s always rewarding for me to see so many students graduate and gain steady employment doing what they love to do. And I do see them often out in the industry. I love to catch up and hear their stories of success.

I come from a hard working, blue-collar family in Bundaberg. I left home at 17 to pursue a career in the city. I worked in the financial services space for Suncorp for many years and bought my first beauty salon while still working. I’ve always loved anything and everything to do with beauty and fashion. I sold my salon in 2012 which gave the opportunity to acquire Demi International.

My key to success: Take action. One step forward every day in the direction of your goals. Courage isn’t the absence of fear – its feeling fear and moving forward anyway.

The celebrations along the way are what make it worth it.