Sustainable Salons: Together We’re Making Salon Waste History

Heading to the hair or beauty salon is a luxury millions of people enjoy daily, and while we each deserve a glow-up, all that pampering and perfecting has an impact on our planet.

The Australian salon industry produces a staggering amount of waste that sends over 400,000 kilograms of hair and 1.5 million kilograms of metal to landfill each year.

These figures, among many others, highlight the need for an industry-wide circular economy that enables salon owners, staff and clients, to make more ethical and sustainable choices.

As an eco-conscious brand, we are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our student salons and training courses while leading by example for our graduates and stakeholders. That’s why we have partnered with Sustainable Salons, a social enterprise and resource recovery program that diverts 95% of salon waste from landfill.

Now, daily waste from all six Demi International campuses is collected and recycled to support sustainability initiatives that help to future-proof our planet.

Ann Donnarumma, Demi International

Plastic packaging is recycled locally and transformed into closed-loop consumer products, including coasters, pet leashes and optical frames. 

Paper packaging, cardboard and magazines are graded and recycled into new paper products, saving almost 31,780 litres of water per tonne of paper production. 

Aluminium foil, colour tubes, razor blades, and other disposables are sold for recycling, and the proceeds are donated to provide meals for those in need through OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest. 

Ponytails (longer than 20cm) are donated to charity organisations and wig-makers to support people challenged by hair loss. 

Hair clippings are collected to fertilise community gardens and create Hair Brooms that help to soak up devastating marine oil spills. 

Chemicals are collected, neutralised and turned into recycled water at specialised chemical recycling plants. 

Disposable hygiene products and old tools are dismantled and reused where possible. 

Sharps are collected in custom safety containers before being disposed of ethically and responsibly. 


Why Sustainable Salons?

Sustainable Salons don’t just recycle our waste—they create, advocate, pioneer and champion change for our industry through research, community programs and partnerships. This includes empowering people living with a disability through purposeful employment in their material collection and processing teams.  

Our eco journey has just begun…

Together with Sustainable Salons, we are committed to implementing more sustainable solutions across all areas of our business—starting with greener cleaning products, gloves, linen and coffee pods. 

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Picture of Seonaid Boyle

Seonaid Boyle

Seonaid is the Manager of Communications and Quality at Demi International.

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