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Frequently Asked Questions

Short Courses

What times are the short courses held?
Most of our short courses run from 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday

Do I need models?
Yes, the best way to learn is to practice on models; they may be friends and family, acquaintances or referral from other friends and family. We find that most people love free treatments and we can suggest places to find models if you are having trouble

Can I bring my children?
No, the school is not a safe place for children and we are unable to have any children on the premises due to health and safety and not being covered by our insurance should something happen.

Is the course nationally recognised?
Yes, almost all of our single units as well as our Certificate are nationally recognised.

Will single units be able to be credited towards full qualifications?
Yes as the units are nationally recognised, should you decide to take on the entire qualification, the units you have completed with Demi International will be able to be credited to suitable qualifications.

How many days of the week is this course?
All of our short courses and practical components of the certificate courses are completed in blocks as per the scheduled dates. You are not required on a regular weekly basis as such.

Can I do my theory at home?
Yes, when you enrol you are provided with all of your learning material and written assessment/s. You will complete all of your written work prior to attending the practical days scheduled. During your class your teacher will summarise and cover the theory and give you an opportunity to complete questions you may need assistance with.

You will submit your written assessment on the final day of your practical day.

Can I pay my fees off?
Yes, you only need to pay a deposit of $250 for any short course and $500 for any certificate course. For short courses, the balance is not paid until the first day of attendance of your practical day. For our certificate courses, the balance can go on a payment plan and be spread over 4 months.

Does the deposit I pay come off the cost of the course?
Yes, any deposit paid come of the total price of the course.

What do I need to wear?
Please dress in closed shoes and casual office attire

Is there parking?
We have limited parking onsite but there are various options in the area both free and paid. Please arrive early to find a suitable park.

How long do I have to complete the course?
Most students compete our short courses on the last day of their practical block. For our certificate courses we will give students 6 months to complete the entire qualification. Its best if you complete and submit assessments on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis so you are progressing and can obtain feedback along the way.