How to Get Qualified to Pierce Within Three Months

Piercing is one of the most popular body modification arts that keeps evolving, getting better. You can notice this from the different types of piercing being explored and the many changing designs of piercing jewelry. 

If you want to be part of the piercing movement, it’s a great idea to start by becoming a piercer or body modification specialist. You can get the first part of the necessary qualifications to learn piercing within 3 months.

Here are simple steps to getting qualified to pierce within 3 months:

1. Get Some Background Info about Piercing

Before looking for training, do your research and find out if becoming a piercer fits your personality and your natural talents, the rest you can learn. You can read books, blogs, and even try out some work experience to know what is involved. Even if you are doing some work experience you won’t be able to do any piercing without the right infection control training. If you have an interest in piercing, you probably have some knowledge about it and a passion for body art and modification too

2. Enrol in an Accredited School

This is one of the most critical steps in learning how to become a body piercer. Choose the right training provider, one that offers the Nationally Accredited Unit HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration. This unit is required by anyone who wants to pierce in Qld, and is highly recommended in all other states. Demi International is one of the best institutions to look at if you want quality training. With hundreds of graduates completing this course into employment we have continually improved our course, which can be fully completed online. Having this unit of competency will help you with employment because an employer can start training you in piercing straight away. 

A supportive educational environment is what you need as it will help you grasp key concepts fast as you improve your skills. Demi International provides you access to trainer support sessions and you have a trainer assigned to answer your questions.  Take a look at our course here.

3. Be Keen On Apprenticeship

Just completing an infection control course is not enough to get you qualified as you need to boost your theory lessons with practical lessons. The best way to get up your skills is to look for some on the job training. In this situation, you practice under an experienced piercer, where you start by watching their moves to learn.

Getting Your Qualifications

The highlighted steps are vital in getting you qualified as a piercer in only three months.  You must understand that getting the certification is not the end of the path as you need to refresh your skills to meet the evolving expectations of this body modification art. 

Start your piercing career off with us! Demi International Beauty Academy is the right institution to attend to get your maintain infection control for piercers. Register to start your journey to becoming a piercer.

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