Demi International Diploma of Beauty Therapy Exclusive Early Access

Demi International invites you to get exclusive access to our April intake before the rush. Here’s your chance to dive into the world of beauty therapy, elevate your skills, and embark on a transformative journey.​

Step into the world of beauty and creativity at Demi International. By gaining early access to our April Intake for the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, you not only ensure your spot in our transformative program but also unlock a world of exclusive benefits. 

Smooth Enrolment Process: Easily join our current Diploma of Beauty course without any changes from the usual process. Experience a seamless transition into the beauty world.

Flexible Pre-Requisite Units: Start your journey with self-paced online study using. Begin studying master essential units at your own pace.

Weekly Support Sessions: Every Thursday at 12 pm, join Theresa for dedicated support sessions. Have questions or concerns? Theresa has you covered! Plus, reach out to our trainers via email anytime for assistance.

Observation Opportunities: Attend our student clinic for hands-on experience one day per week. Schedule it with your trainer for the most convenient day. No extra cost!

Seamless Transition to April Intake: Optimise your learning by smoothly transitioning into our April intake for the facial term. Avoid the rush of week 1 in term 2 by starting your journey in week 6

Why Study with Demi? The Demi International Diploma of Beauty Therapy is our most popular beauty course offering the highest national accreditation in Australia.

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