Unleash Your Creativity: 10 Amazing Career Opportunities in the Beauty Industry

Unleash Your Creativity 6 Amazing Career Opportunities in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is booming. And as a continually expanding field, it has new professions and services constantly popping up. There is a stack of fantastic opportunities worth pursuing for those interested in beauty and those with a passion for helping others look and feel their best. 

At Demi International, we’re passionate about equipping our students with the skills and expertise to follow their dream career opportunities in the beauty industry. As Queensland’s Small Training Provider of the Year, we know that with the proper education, launching yourself into a career is a whole lot easier.

Whether you plan on becoming a celebrity hairstylist or makeup artist or being skilled in massage therapy, you can take many different paths in the beauty industry.

The good news? The beauty industry is a great place to start a career. The pathways to education in the beauty industry are straightforward, and plenty of professions provide on-the-job training.

If you know that beauty is your passion but are still trying to figure out what your dream career is, we can help. We’ve rounded up ten potential opportunities in the beauty industry, what they pay, and the qualifications that can take you there.

1. Senior Beauty Therapist

As a senior beauty therapist, you’ll provide clients with a wide range of beauty treatments and advice. A senior beauty therapist will typically have some of the following responsibilities in their job:

  • Educating junior beauty therapists
  • Assisting the salon manager
  • Offering professional beauty treatments, including skin care, massage, waxing, manicures, and pedicures.
  • Promote beauty products and benefits
  • Monitor products and identify when items need to be restocked
  • Ensure safe and proper treatments for clients
  • Help clients develop a customised beauty routine

Australian senior beauty therapists may have varying salaries depending on experience and the company they work for. SEEK suggests, on average, that a senior beauty therapist in Australia earns $60,000 to $70,000 annually. Planning on running your own business? Your earnings could be even greater.

Getting started as a a senior beauty therapist in Australia is simple once you undertake the suitable skills training and understand how to perform treatments. Demi International’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy course can help aspiring beauty therapists hone their skills and master the fundamentals of beauty therapy.

2. Special Effects Makeup Artist for Film & TV

Looking for a career that combines creativity with a love for makeup? You might consider becoming a special effects makeup artist for film and television. As a special effects makeup artist, you’ll be responsible for creating realistic and imaginative makeup for films and television shows.

The salary for a special effects makeup artist for film and television in Australia is higher than many other job positions in the beauty industry. Add quality experience under your belt, and it gets better. Whilst a traditional makeup artist can earn between $50,000 and $60,000 –  a special effects makeup artist in Australia can earn more than $141,437 annually.

While the average salary might differ for entry-level positions, proper education can help you quickly advance. Demi International’s Diploma of Screen & Media course for specialist makeup will help newcomers build their portfolio and learn sought-after skills for special effects makeup. Once complete, you’ll know how to work with accurate wounds, scars, facial features, and prosthetics. Gory!

3. Massage Therapist at a Beauty Salon

A massage therapist at a beauty salon is responsible for providing a range of massage treatments to clients. This could include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and reflexology. As a massage therapist, you’ll ensure that the treatments are performed correctly and safely and advise clients on how to care for their skin and maintain their overall well-being.

Australian massage therapists working at beauty salons earn between $60,000-$65,000 annually. But for qualified remedial massage therapists, the earning potential is more significant, with the average earning just over $80,000 annually.

This career is perfect for individuals hoping to make a comfortable living doing something they love. With a quality education, such as Demi International’s Diploma of Remedial Massage coursebecoming a massage therapist is a straightforward path. This diploma offers specialised training and skills for the following types of massage therapy techniques:

  • Massage therapy for specific needs (pregnancy, elderly, chronic disease)
  • Therapy to learn advanced taping techniques
  • Remedial massage therapy for athletes
  • Myofascial/remedial cupping massage therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Pregnancy and infant massage
  • Reflexology

4. Celebrity Hairstylist

Hoping to rub shoulders with the rich and famous as you work your magic on their hair? As a celebrity hair stylist, you’ll be responsible for styling the hair of celebrities for film and television, as well as for red carpet events and other special occasions.

Celebrity hair stylists are responsible for creating looks that fit their client’s needs, ensuring they’re fashionable and red-carpet-ready.  In Australia, hair stylists can expect an average salary of $68,250 annually, with more experienced hair stylists earning up to $95,102 annually — with the right connections.

Getting started as a celebrity hairstylist begins with advanced and comprehensive training and courses like Demi International’s Certificate III in Hairdressing course. As this industry continues growing daily in Australia, this course from Demi International is perfect for getting started in an up-and-coming position.

5. Beauty Salon Manager

A beauty salon manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a beauty salon. So, you’ll manage staff, oversee the services provided, and ensure the salon runs smoothly. As a beauty salon manager, you’ll also create a welcoming atmosphere for clients, develop marketing strategies, and ensure that the salon complies with all relevant regulations.

On average, beauty salon managers in Australia make $61,830 annually, though many salon managers make up to $70,000 annually. Becoming a beauty salon manager is simple when you follow the right trajectory to grow your career. For example, Demi International’s Advanced Diploma of Salon Management course is vital to developing the skills necessary to be a successful beauty salon manager. This course will help you get ahead of the competition and develop lifelong skills to thrive in your career.

6. Nail Technician at a Nail Bar

A nail technician at a nail bar is responsible for providing a range of nail treatments to clients, including manicures, pedicures, gel polish, acrylics, and more. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the treatments are performed correctly and safely, as well as providing advice to clients about how to look after their nails and maintain their overall well-being.

On average, a nail technician in Australia can earn around $55 an hour, with some senior techs on higher salaries. Becoming a nail technician at a nail bar is an exciting venture for anyone interested in nail beauty. Courses are available to make the transition to a nail technician straightforward and enjoyable. For instance, Demi International’s Certificate III in Nail Technology course is the perfect way for Australians to become qualified nail technicians and begin a rewarding career.

7. Celebrity Makeup Artist

Have big dreams of being a makeup artist to the stars? This is by far one of the coolest career opportunities in the beauty industry. To get your foot in the door, you’ll want an accredited qualification that focuses on makeup and beauty. Demi International’s Dual Qualification of a Cert III in Beauty Services with a Cert III in Makeup is just the ticket, teaching you skills like lash and brow treatments, creative makeup, and more.

Once qualified and delivering looks for celebs, the fun truly begins. As a beginning salary, makeup artists in Australia earn up to $60,000. But once your skills and client base grow, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Plus, you have the chance to work with stars on the stage, screen, and red carpet. Goals!

Becoming a makeup artist

8. Eyelash Technician

Who doesn’t love a good lash? If your career goals revolve around creating the perfect set of lashes, you’ll have plenty of devoted clients who’ll be happy to visit you. Among the services you can provide are lifts, tints, and extensions, keeping your customers — and their lashes — looking their best.

Demi International’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy covers the fundamentals of lash treatments and every other skill you’ll need to excel in the beauty industry. As your career progresses, your eyelash prowess will only improve, and people will be happy to pay. This specialised career path can net you up to $50 an hour in some locations, with more earnings possible if you plan on working for yourself.

9. Beauty Consultant

Consider yourself a beauty guru? Well, it’s time to share your wisdom with the world. These experts work with clients to develop personalised treatments and advice based on trends and relevant products. Becoming a beauty consultant is an exciting career path you could take after gaining the right qualifications and some real-world experience.

Ready to begin? Demi International’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy is your first step to learning all there is to know. As the highest, nationally recognised beauty therapy course in Australia, it covers everything, including waxing, nail treatments, facial treatments, and health and anatomy training. Once qualified, beauty consultants earn a little over $30 an hour and will be on the path to higher earnings as their experience grows. Plus, you’ll be primed to explore career opportunities in the beauty industry if they grab you.

10. Barbering

The art of barbering will always stay in style. And it’s a great career path to follow if you’re interested in men’s hair and delivering amazing haircuts. In Australia, the average salary for a qualified barber is up to $75,000, so it’s a career that also comes with excellent earning potential.

So, what does the day-to-day look like as a barber? With a qualification like Demi International’s Certificate III in Barbering, you’ll be equipped to deliver great men’s haircuts, including cut and clippers and facial hair grooming. We also provide you with skills in salon services and barbershop core skills so you can grow even further. Whether you want to work at a salon or start your own business, it’s the ideal fundamental qualification to take you there.

Explore the Exciting Career Opportunities in the Beauty Industry

As an industry that continues to grow and evolve, the career opportunities in beauty, hair, and makeup do, too. And with so many excellent jobs available to make your mark, there’s more than one way to land your dream career. 

The vast expanse of opportunities for types of beauty industry jobs makes the industry ideal for exploring your creative side, from jaw-dropping special effects makeup to fun, stylish hairdressing.

At Demi International, we make it easy to follow your dreams. As well as flexible learning modes, we offer payment options, including VET loans and Money3, so there are no barriers to learning. 

With the proper education, such as the comprehensive courses from Demi International, you can find jobs in the beauty industry that perfectly match your interests and lifestyle. Dreaming of starting a career in the beauty industry or exploring some of these exciting options? Get in touch with the Course Advisors at Demi International and make it a reality. 

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