Beauty and Business: Crafting Your University Pathway Without an ATAR in Queensland

Getting into a business degree without an ATAR

For so long, gaining entry into university was only possible with a high school qualification, good grades, and a sufficient Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). But today, higher education providers are also recognising the skills and smarts that come from other forms of education — including a Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

Wondering how to get into uni without an ATAR? As it turns out, a qualification in beauty could be the answer you’re looking for. Once considered the best route for a successful career in this industry alone, graduates can now use their beauty therapy diplomas to explore other higher education qualifications, including business and media.

Today, we explain how a beauty qualification with Demi International can act as a springboard into a new and exciting career. Plus, how versatile your diploma really can be.

The Beauty-Business Connection

Vocational and education and training (VET) courses have provided students with a positive career pathway for years. Typically studied during the senior years of high school, they offer the perfect mix of practical experience and employable skills. And for those interested in entering the beauty industry, these qualifications have been the ideal means.

Now, in addition to helping students enter the workforce, these courses can be used as a pathway to higher education in business and digital media. Your beauty therapy diploma could be the key for those asking how to get into uni without an ATAR.

Leading Australian universities, including Southern Cross and James Cook, allow students to use their Diploma of Beauty Therapy to pursue higher learning. The skills gained in these courses, including salon management, human resources, and business growth, can be applied to a new qualification and potential new career.

Demi International Beauty Students

Specifically, units from the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Diploma of Salon Management, and Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup can be used towards other degrees. The hands-on experience gained during studies and work as a beauty professional is the perfect stepping stone to another qualification. One institution offering this opportunity is Southern Cross University.

Southern Cross University: Your Partners in Education

As one of Australia’s leading institutions, our diploma graduates can explore further studies at Southern Cross University. With a Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup, you’ll have credit for eight units to use towards a Bachelor of Digital Media. Representing a third of the units, this can account for a full year less of study from your total efforts.

Alternatively, those with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy or Diploma of Salon Management can gain four credits for prior learning. These four count towards the total of 24 in the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise, saving at least six months’ worth of study.

Leveraging your diploma from Demi to pursue a new qualification and career has never been simpler, and we can show you how.

How to get into uni without an ATAR: the beauty route

A Demi International your Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Diploma of Screen and Media or Diploma of Salon Management can be used for more than just a successful career in the beauty industry. Many graduates continue their studies at university in other areas, using their qualifications as a handy stepping stone.

A credit transfer allows you to apply the units you’ve already studied in your diploma to a new degree. So there’s no need to complete them twice. For a diploma graduate applying for an eligible course, you include proof of your completed units in your application and request they be considered.

A Credit for Prior Learning, or ‘Advanced Standing’, is a process where universities look at prior qualifications to see if they can be used to gain entry into or academic credit toward a chosen course.

The skills and experience you acquired during your Demi International diploma can be applied when studying courses such as Digital Media and Business, making it a genuinely transferable qualification.

Exploring other options

Although only some courses or providers recognise this form of prior learning, things are evolving. Demi International is always looking for new ways their students can enter universities through articulation agreements, including those without an ATAR or seeking an alternative pathway.

Some universities, including QUT, may still recognise VET study for course entry. Even without an ATAR or Year 12 completion, they may consider a student for entry if:

  • they’re at least 18 years old by the first census date, and,
  • have achieved acceptable studies or work experience, including a Certificate III or higher.

There are always options to explore, and Demi International can help you find them.

Support systems for Demi Students

Unsure how you’ll fund your study plans at Demi? The good news is, in Australia, help is available. For students enrolling in a VET course, you may be eligible for payment plans and loans, including:

Need more than just financial assistance? Our course advisors can help with everything from initial enrolment and course considerations at Demi.

A diploma that’s worth so much more
Everyone’s pathway to university is different. And even without an ATAR or the traditional high school qualification, it’s still possible. A beauty qualification may help you gain entry into further studies using prior learning towards a new qualification and provide you with career-ready skills you can use now.

To see where one of our beauty qualifications can take you, speak to our friendly course advisors at Demi International.

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