VET Beauty Courses Empowering High School Students for Job-Ready Careers

Once upon a time, students were limited in the learning pathways they could take to graduate from high school and tertiary education. But today, VET courses give them more flexibility than ever.

With a VET qualification, students can choose a study area and learning mode that works best for them. More importantly, they can gain credit towards the Queensland Certificate of Education while studying for their future career.

One of the most common misconceptions about VET qualifications is that they’re only accessible through TAFE. However, a number of registered training providers in Australia provide them, with Demi International regarded as a leader.

As a provider of VET beauty courses, Demi International gives students options for gaining an education that suits them best. So, read on to discover how a VET course could change your study pathway.

What is a VET Qualification, and How Can It Help?

A VET (vocational education and training) qualification is a course that provides hands-on, practical learning. These qualifications aim to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to begin a career in their chosen field, with beauty being one of the most popular areas to study.

What sets VET courses apart? They can be studied while you’re still enrolled at school. And students may be eligible to enrol in them as early as Year 10. Once complete, you may be able to use credits from the course towards your Queensland Certificate of Education. These benefits, in addition to the work-ready qualification you’ll gain with a diploma, make it one of the smartest pathways a school-aged student can take.

Demi’s VET Beauty Courses Worth Considering

Some high school students already have a solid idea of their future career aspirations. A VET qualification, like one of Demi International’s diplomas or certificates, allows them to do that at an accelerated pace.

Demi International is one of the leading providers in this area, earning recognition as the Small Training Provider of the Year at this year’s Queensland Training Awards. Our eligible VET courses are:

Certificate III in Barbering

This entry-level barbering qualification allows students to begin working in the hairdressing industry after graduating, with skills including cut and clipper, beard and moustache grooming, and client salon services. As a VET course, it can be studied one day a week and completed over five terms. Interested in a Certificate III in Hairdressing instead? Unfortunately, this course isn’t eligible as a VET course, but it can be studied once school is complete.

Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup

Those aspiring to work in screen and stage might consider the Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup. This course gives graduates skills in makeup fundamentals, creative hair and makeup, special effects makeup, and more. For high school students studying one day a week, it will take 12 months to graduate.

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

As one of our most popular courses, the Diploma of Beauty Therapy equips graduates with all the skills and expertise they need to start a rewarding career in the beauty industry. Units include Salon Services, Makeup and Marketing, Body and Spa Treatments, and Beauty Foundations. High school students can graduate with this qualification in 18 months by committing to just one study day a week.

Most importantly, studying for a beauty-related diploma rather than a Certificate III means qualifying with Australia’s highest national accreditation. The result? You’ll be on track for better opportunities in the beauty industry and more pay, like the beauty careers listed here.

With the ability to graduate from high school and gain a qualification that makes you employable and in demand now and in the future, pursuing a VET course is a smart move.

Making it easy to succeed

Undertaking a diploma with Demi International is a popular alternative for many school-aged students. And better still, it’s a simple way to access higher learning opportunities. Our flexible courses are delivered in a combination of online and in-person learning, with two-day schedules, time off for school holidays, and smaller classes as standard. This way, learning won’t interfere with life.

Unsure how you’ll afford a qualification? No problem. There are helpful funding and payment options to alleviate some of the stress. Money3 offers personal loans to fund your study plans, with consideration of all applicants, regardless of credit history. 

Otherwise, VET loans like the government’s VET Student Loans program helps eligible students pay for tuition fees. With a range of options available, it’s easier than ever to pursue a qualification that will get you career-ready.

Explore your options with Demi International

Embrace the opportunities available for flexible learning pathways and explore what a VET qualification can do for your future. The team at Demi International are here to help, so get in touch to find the course that’s right for you.

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