Is a Facial Course the Best Way to Begin Your Beauty Career?

Facials are one thing that’s never gone out of style. And with so much emphasis today on skincare and looking and feeling our best, it’s an expertise that’s as in demand as ever.

If part of your career goals includes undertaking a facial course, you’re not alone. Around 70% of Demi International’s prospective Diploma of Beauty Therapy students are interested in the course because it includes facial course component. But what’s more, it also offers you a chance to learn other valuable skills you can put to use in a rewarding career in the beauty industry in just 12 months.

This article delves deeper into how to become a facialist, what to expect from facial training online and in person, and career and salary outcomes once you’re qualified. As Queensland Training Awards Small Training Provider of the Year, we’ve helped thousands of beauty experts get their beginning, and we’d love to help you, too.

So, what does a facialist do?

As the name suggests, a facialist is a beauty professional who provides facials. Sometimes known as estheticians, they give advice regarding skincare for the face and perform treatments, including steaming, massage, cleansing, masks, exfoliation and more.

A facialist can work almost anywhere in the beauty industry. They could run a home-based salon or form part of a team of beauty experts in a high-end clinic or spa. This skill set is in demand, especially as we usher in another era of skincare obsession.

But before you can launch a career as a successful facialist, you need an accredited facial course to equip you with the basics.

Facial training or beauty therapy qualification: which one is best?

Gaining a qualification in beauty has never been more accessible, with a range of online facial courses in Australia and the option to learn on-campus, too. To decide the best route, you need to think about your career goals and which qualification can get you there. Ultimately, though, choosing something that blends the flexibility of online delivery and practical, hands-on learning is best. 

Here’s how the two options stack up.

What you’ll learn in a facials course

At the certificate level, a facials course covers the basics of performing facial skincare. Students might learn about understanding their client’s skincare needs, applying products to the face, and various facial techniques, including masks and peels. Although foundational, facials courses can be a great stepping stone towards earning a broader beauty therapy qualification.

Mastering more than facials with a beauty therapy qualification

At a diploma level, you’ll not only learn about facials but also cover other vital beauty therapy skills. Our Diploma of Beauty Therapy provides just that. And it’s delivered primarily online, with options to complete full-time or part-time studies and attend campus one or two days a week.

Our Diploma of Beauty Therapy goes above and beyond an accredited facial course, offering a range of skills and competencies you can apply in your new career. But for those interested in facials, these are some of the units you can expect to dive into.

  • Provide facial treatments and recommendations
  • Provide specialised facial treatments
  • Provide microdermabrasion treatments

What’s more, our students get to practice in the student clinic on campus. And this valuable hands-on learning can’t be replicated with an online facial course alone. With your diploma, you’ll also have various beauty therapy skills that ensure you’re career-ready.

One of Demi International’s beauty trainers, Stephanie Eastwood, knows first-hand how much more comprehensive a diploma can be and how valuable it is for those entering the beauty industry. “Our students learn a wide range of beauty therapy skills and cover much more than standard facials training,” she says. “You’ll walk away with expertise in makeup design, waxing, lash, brow and nail treatments, as well as salon safety and hygiene.”

How much is a facial course?

With more choices than ever for facial courses—and how they’re delivered—the price can vary quite a bit. More minor facial courses online usually cost around $500, but no in-person learning is available. A Certificate in Facial Treatments costs around $1,500 without additional beauty therapy training.

The Diploma of Beauty Therapy from Demi International is a wide-ranging and regarded qualification that includes an accredited facials course and so much more. Plus, our students enjoy the benefits of flexible study that suits their lifestyle and flexible payment options. Certificate 3 Guarantee and VET Student loans are just a few helpful methods for eligible students that can contribute to their fees, with only a $250 enrollment fee required to secure your place in the course.

Younger students in Years 10, 11 and 12 interested in pursuing a beauty qualification can do so while completing their Queensland Certificate of Education. You can attend Demi International one day a week at any of our six campuses in Maroochydore, Chermside, Southport, Toowoomba, Ipswich or Cairns and have the chance to graduate with either a Certificate of Diploma level qualification.

Your future: facialist salary and industry demand

Completing your Diploma of Beauty Therapy with Demi International opens many more doors for you professionally and allows you to earn more, too. Being qualified to perform only facials can limit your income, but becoming a qualified beauty therapist puts you on track to earn between $60,000 and $70,000 a year. Of course, depending on your location, clients, and services, this has the potential to be much more.

As a whole, those in the beauty industry can feel comfort knowing they’re in a high-demand profession. According to the Labour Market Insight’s report, beauty therapists can expect a 12.2% increase in job growth in the lead up to 2026.

Master facials and more with Demi International
A quality facial course is good, but a comprehensive and respected beauty qualification is even better. Demi International’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy is the first step towards a rewarding and far-reaching career in the beauty industry. Book a chat with one of our course advisors today and discover what’s possible.

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