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Jul 9 2024
If work, parenting, high school routines or just life in general is limiting your time, you’ll be happy to know our courses only require
Jul 2 2024
Salon management isn’t just about scheduling appointments and balancing budgets – it’s the heartbeat of a thriving salon. As the beauty industry in Australia
Jun 12 2024
Around the globe, skilled makeup artists are in high demand for wedding days, fashion shows and movie sets. If merging your love for makeup
May 30 2024
As the world becomes more mindful of the benefits of natural therapies, disciplines like remedial massage are booming. Natural treatments like these provide patients
Apr 30 2024
The timeless appeal of visiting the barber is now trendier and more inclusive than ever. Services like cuts, shaving and facial grooming are just
Apr 30 2024
If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a hairdresser and what awaits you once you’re  qualified, the news is positive. Hairdressers, also known
Mar 27 2024
Are you searching for a rewarding career, both personally and financially? Does your vision of a dream job involve combining creativity and expert skills?
Mar 27 2024
Facials are one thing that’s never gone out of style. And with so much emphasis today on skincare and looking and feeling our best,
Feb 28 2024
As one of the most popular forms of body art and modification, it’s no wonder that qualified body piercers are in demand. And if
Feb 23 2024
Looking for a career that’s a little outside of the box? Working as a tattoo artist is a varied, creative and satisfying path to
Feb 5 2024
The beauty industry is booming. And as a continually expanding field, it has new professions and services constantly popping up. There is a stack
Jan 30 2024
When you envision your future as a makeup artist, are you always dreaming of bigger things? For some, the aim of becoming skilled in
Dec 22 2023
When it comes to education and career choices, you can access training through several paths, including Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) like Demi International and
Dec 20 2023
Once upon a time, students were limited in the learning pathways they could take to graduate from high school and tertiary education. But today,
Nov 28 2023
For so long, gaining entry into university was only possible with a high school qualification, good grades, and a sufficient Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
Nov 8 2023
There comes a time in many experienced hairdressers’ and beauty therapists’ careers when they feel ready to take the next step and pivot into
Oct 11 2023
Are you passionate about all things beauty and skincare? Dreaming of a career in the booming beauty industry? Wondering how to become a beauty
Sep 25 2023
In a world obsessed with beauty — and at a time when looking and feeling good has never been more important — it’s no
Sep 11 2023
For many beauty professionals, a passion for makeup artistry and the freedom of running their own business go hand in hand. And if you’re
Sep 7 2023
Ready to take the first step towards becoming a professional hairdresser or barber? First, you need to find the right path. Although the traditional
Aug 23 2023
Demi International is proud to be named the Small Training Provider of the Year winner at the Queensland Training Awards. The awards have recognised
Jul 18 2023
A beauty therapist is a professional provider of beauty, skincare, and makeup services. With an everyday goal of making clients look and feel their
Jun 27 2023
As a personal trainer, you’ve made it your mission to improve the health and wellbeing of your clients, and that’s important work. But when
May 30 2023
Considering becoming a makeup artist but still wondering where the career can take you? Skills and experience in makeup artistry can open many professional
May 18 2023
If you’re considering a career in massage therapy but feeling overwhelmed by options, you’ve landed in the right place. Today, we unravel the difference
May 3 2023
The beauty industry is booming, and those with an interest or experience in providing beauty services might be interested in taking advantage and becoming
Apr 21 2023
Pregnancy can be a wonderful and transformative time in a person’s life, but it can also be tough on the body. Thankfully, expectant mothers
Mar 6 2023
If you’re considering a career change because you’re feeling the pinch from the rising cost of living, you’re not alone. Every day Aussies are
Feb 28 2023
Deciding to switch careers or enhance your skills in the massage industry can be an exciting but overwhelming time. Studying massage therapy online is
Feb 22 2023
If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty and wellness industry, becoming a laser technician can be an excellent option for